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  1. The Oxford 153 Entitlement: Mark I. (OX153MK1)
  3. All mankind is hereby permitted to use, copy, and distribute, verbatim or
  4. modified, copies of this tool, provided the maximum printable line length
  5. never exceeds the known universal constant of 153 characters, and the usage
  6. of the Oxford comma is forever retained in all documentation, tool comments,
  7. and tool output. Those who would not be considered to be part of mankind are
  8. hereby permitted to USE this tool, but NOT PERMITTED TO COPY, DISTRIBUTE, OR
  9. MODIFY this tool, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This tool is made available for
  10. use "AS IS", and without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.
  11. This license, henceforth known as the "Oxford 153 Entitlement", is NOT a
  12. GPL-compatible license, and this tool is NOT "free software", according to
  13. common and generally accepted definitions of "free software", including,
  14. but not limited to, the definition of "free software" provided by Richard M.
  15. Stallman, and, subsequently, the definitions asserted by the Free Software
  16. Foundation. As the Open Source Initiative has NOT reviewed this license, it
  17. is understood this tool CANNOT be considered "open source software" per the
  18. OSI Open Source Definition. This license is LIKELY INCOMPATIBLE with Debian
  19. Free Software Guidelines, and is EXPLICITLY INCOMPATIBLE with the Debian
  20. Social Contract, as the priorities of the authors of the tool will always
  21. trump the priorities of other users in the community. The authors of the
  22. tool are NOT associated with "Software in the Public Interest, Inc.", pay
  23. no membership dues, and do NOT receive any form of sponsorship from SPI.
  24. NOTICE: All uses of the Oxford comma within this tool are immutable,
  25. supported by miraculous revelations, and under no circumstances alterable.
  26. WARNING: The maximum allowable length of any line within this tool is
  27. to be no more than 153 displayable characters. If one were to perform any
  28. action causing the length of the longest line to exceed, at any moment,
  29. the universal constant of 153 characters, they are hereby reminded that
  30. those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad, stealing away
  31. their minds of good sense, and turning their thoughts to foolishness.