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  1. cka - C-Kermit for Android
  2. This archive contains the source code for building C-Kermit 9.0.302 for
  3. Android. It has been taken from the source code downloaded from:
  5. At this point the changes here are not part of the official release.
  6. all issues related to C-Kermit for Android should be directed at the
  7. github project, which can be found here:
  9. Assuming the Android NDK procedure "ndk-build" is in your PATH, you can
  10. use the following command to build the software for all ABIs:
  11. $ ndk-build NDK_PROJECT_PATH=./ \
  13. APP_ABI=all \
  15. If you have any problems, flames, suggestions, praise, disbelief, etc.
  16. then please feel free to create an issue on the github page and I will
  17. follow it up as I get the opportunity.
  18. Tim Sneddon
  19. (with updates from Jake Thompson, 17 Nov 2013)