Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  (quasar) nebula 880e8b9b16 fix the guessing game lol 1 week ago
  (quasar) nebula 3233c5ba82 rework mark/selection system 1 month ago
  (quasar) nebula a8b64d3146 multi-page menu support 1 month ago
  (quasar) nebula 82b243df1a fix jump-to cancel being very broken 1 month ago
  (quasar) nebula e0d244aad8 todo updates 1 month ago
  (quasar) nebula 60f33193fb cancel jump-to when selecting outside of listing 1 month ago
  (quasar) nebula 466582b32b update screenshot for 2020 1 month ago
  (quasar) nebula 05d29dff7b rename "song" terminology to "track" 1 month ago
  (quasar) nebula 90116fa6c6 "Before selected [track]" queue option 1 month ago
  (quasar) nebula 771d789e42 show child when opening group from path element 1 month ago
  (quasar) nebula 7c8cb5f3df name reordered groups for queuing 1 month ago
  (quasar) nebula 5d58951225 better hiding track numbering in queue 1 month ago
  Florrie ba828b4f12 use better package for natural sorting 3 months ago
  Florrie 8927fb3f3e update old process.argv checks to use parseOptions 3 months ago
  Florrie 7ea3291db7 rename telnet-server.js to telnet.js 3 months ago
  Florrie 20f8491545 don't show Reveal option if track has no parent 3 months ago
  Florrie ca096c7a64 don't show a divider as the first item in a menu 3 months ago
  Florrie 06128c9d42 add seekTo player function 3 months ago
  Florrie befceed00c replace existing empty tab when loading playlist 3 months ago
  Florrie 8baf386abd rename handlePlaylistSource & let accept grouplike 3 months ago
  Florrie 0e0cb91ffc make the mtui menu work again! 3 months ago
  Florrie b7d4decd7c update queue length as metadata is processed 3 months ago
  Florrie 9bf3bcd187 add a space for padding behind track duration text 3 months ago
  Florrie 35adfb7c95 fix current track index being one too low 3 months ago
  Florrie e01f3758f8 make crawl-local accept some common video formats 3 months ago
  Florrie 3d73a0da45 make locally opened playlists have a group name! 3 months ago
  Florrie a58f064072 clear timeData when a new track starts 5 months ago
  Florrie 96075b8069 make the queue listing a little wider 5 months ago
  Florrie edae3f7b6f refactor to use 'select' instead of 'selected' 5 months ago
  Florrie 705c424332 select child grouplike when loading parent 5 months ago