Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tom Tsagk f08c38cff9 add vim highlight 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk fb668d9d39 add `-Wall` `-Wextra` and `-Wpedantic` flags when compiling, organised code to minimise warnings 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk db3042b637 add initial version of documentation 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 0274fbbc37 add manual 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 372b33d4d8 Merge branch 'master' of 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 58825d5ac4 split compilation process of lex, yacc and the executable 1 month ago
  tomtsagk dbc0f1c544 make build process cleaner 1 month ago
  tomtsagk 1a7e239632 add build and makefile to .gitignore 1 month ago
  tomtsagk 291ef2d75e make project name more modular with PROJECT_NAME 1 month ago
  tomtsagk b5839f8a8e fix ./configure && make && make install building system 1 month ago
  tomtsagk 7ec898587a update pixi engine to add new sprites to stage automatically 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 4c2e5ab104 update pixi - sprites now return width and height 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk ecf9f52673 update pixi engine with ixed make process 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk cf1ee39815 add support for floating numbers 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk d986b69a83 support negative numbers 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 5d0d471edf update engine/pixi with angle between vectors to return radians 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 9c6ea70bf4 update engine/pixi with dot product, angle between rotations and sprite's rotation to support radians 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk c8b76f6908 add more semicolon exceptions, update engine/pixi for rotations and catmull-rom curves 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 3a987f8691 update to new pixi engine, fix semicolons after functions 2 months ago
  Tom Tsagk 62a6b4fb82 add support for included files 2 months ago
  Tom Tsagk 10102b1af0 initial include functionality 2 months ago
  Tom Tsagk 17b3ee0ec4 now parsing all characters 2 months ago
  Tom Tsagk a8824c38c3 change command's arguments to `ddlang <input_file>`, defaults output to `build/game.js` 2 months ago
  Tom Tsagk dfae29f47b first create `build` directory, then parse 2 months ago
  Tom Tsagk 3bd481c877 add ability to copy images 2 months ago
  Tom Tsagk 0a1300fc4d improved file copying 2 months ago
  tomtsagk 48f978a5c3 file operations init 2 months ago
  Tom Tsagk 49c205f05d update pixi engine 3 months ago
  Tom Tsagk b02a55cd8c update documentation, make class for player 3 months ago
  Tom Tsagk e60b8e5d31 having a parent class is now optional 3 months ago