Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tom Tsagk aea03c14d6 Add function definitions in global scope, update to be able to change game title 2 days ago
  Tom Tsagk b2f6dc2b2f Minor fix. 2 days ago
  Tom Tsagk 107dad7145 Update for `colourMesh` 2 days ago
  Tom Tsagk ebae024317 Pre-define all classes to allow them to interact with each other 4 days ago
  Tom Tsagk 39de90febc Update to include matrix `copy_rs` and `approach_rs` 1 week ago
  Tom Tsagk d2a4964018 Update cglut engine with exit function 1 week ago
  Tom Tsagk e60bc53c53 Update to new world changing interface 1 week ago
  Tom Tsagk ce2870402d Update to get identity rotation/scale for matrix 1 week ago
  tomtsagk ce933948b1 Enable `echo`, add math 1 week ago
  tomtsagk c220e6315d Fix recognision between primitive and non primitive on function arguments 1 week ago
  Tom Tsagk 145546ff05 Attempt to fix function calling 1 week ago
  Tom Tsagk 7592f025ae Add initial implementation of proper keyword parsing 2 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk ded866c4e7 Add `dd_matrix` to the list of structs 2 weeks ago
  tomtsagk 83919f82b8 Add remainder (`%`) 2 weeks ago
  tomtsagk b9cef7bbd4 add input and support for characters 3 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk 8fd89f9ae7 fix function calling 3 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk 159a9bb128 add function arguments 3 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk a69e9c86a6 Add `if` statements 3 weeks ago
  tomtsagk 3e1ab58d81 Add cglut engine, modify `makefile` to include it 3 weeks ago
  tomtsagk a437228c40 Add math and include the general `ddcglut` header 3 weeks ago
  tomtsagk c443f99abf add support for `for` statements 3 weeks ago
  tomtsagk d2cd013897 allow identifiers as array index 3 weeks ago
  tomtsagk 8c384cb922 fix array access 3 weeks ago
  tomtsagk 1f1076e3e3 add ability to access array members 3 weeks ago
  tomtsagk bc432a67a9 chanage how to detect arrays in definitions 3 weeks ago
  tomtsagk 1e8213537a add support for declaring arrays 3 weeks ago
  tomtsagk e4703cdda3 add struct table printing to the arguments 1 month ago
  tomtsagk e4f404c8e3 add way to get index from struct name, fix infinite inheritance when overriding functions 1 month ago
  tomtsagk cfadfdf74a automate overriding parent functions, automate compiling of final executable 1 month ago
  tomtsagk 6f217daef6 disable struct table printing 1 month ago