Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  tomtsagk e4703cdda3 add struct table printing to the arguments 22 hours ago
  tomtsagk e4f404c8e3 add way to get index from struct name, fix infinite inheritance when overriding functions 22 hours ago
  tomtsagk cfadfdf74a automate overriding parent functions, automate compiling of final executable 23 hours ago
  tomtsagk 6f217daef6 disable struct table printing 23 hours ago
  tomtsagk 54ec9b47bf add default world function in struct array, replace override with struct array 2 days ago
  tomtsagk e0e6da1b96 pre-define all functions in a struct, so they are visible to all other functions 3 days ago
  tomtsagk 3bb06ec262 organisation in struct_table 3 days ago
  tomtsagk cec2b82068 cglut parse now creates a compile-able program 3 days ago
  tomtsagk 2538ff8f20 structs now handle parents and members 5 days ago
  tomtsagk 3db6bc2cca add initial design of struct table 6 days ago
  tomtsagk 7ca67bddc7 symbol tables are now on stack, initial design for 3d engine 1 week ago
  tomtsagk 59100fb22e Merge branch 'master' of 1 week ago
  tomtsagk ac36344a10 each symbol has now specific amount of characters in name, 1 week ago
  Tom Tsagk 09753eb56e add parents to all ast nodes, definitions that are direct children of classes, are now part of them 2 weeks ago
  tomtsagk afb2664425 declare phony rules in `make`, make `clean` dependant on `destclean` 3 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk c21e0007c7 update to support random number generator 4 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk 678edc2db1 fix bug where I assumed pre-processor works in strings in C 4 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk cf2e41a14e update pixi engine for collision and add new sprites to scene 4 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk f08c38cff9 add vim highlight 4 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk fb668d9d39 add `-Wall` `-Wextra` and `-Wpedantic` flags when compiling, organised code to minimise warnings 4 weeks ago
  Tom Tsagk db3042b637 add initial version of documentation 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 0274fbbc37 add manual 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 372b33d4d8 Merge branch 'master' of 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 58825d5ac4 split compilation process of lex, yacc and the executable 1 month ago
  tomtsagk dbc0f1c544 make build process cleaner 1 month ago
  tomtsagk 1a7e239632 add build and makefile to .gitignore 1 month ago
  tomtsagk 291ef2d75e make project name more modular with PROJECT_NAME 1 month ago
  tomtsagk b5839f8a8e fix ./configure && make && make install building system 1 month ago
  tomtsagk 7ec898587a update pixi engine to add new sprites to stage automatically 1 month ago
  Tom Tsagk 4c2e5ab104 update pixi - sprites now return width and height 1 month ago