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  localhostdotdev 54816eee3e join path instead of using / for potential windows compatibility 8 months ago
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  Luke Valenta 0c735465d1 more verbose output for demo, add header json files derived from header pcaps 8 months ago
  Luke Valenta c2c70e5809 fix trailing backticks in README, add -sha256 for cert generation example 8 months ago
  Luke Valenta 9eb9a17de3 remove print statement 8 months ago
  Luke Valenta 6f6103e73b rename 'middleware'-->'mitm', add API demo and code sample 8 months ago
  Luke Valenta 98b0f12b1f filter everything but HTTP request lines in header file 8 months ago
  Luke Valenta d8ae5ad231 add section on generating fingerprint samples 8 months ago
  Luke Valenta 25edc58d9d update pcap_to_request_fingerprint script to use Wireshark >= v3.0.0 w/ json output 8 months ago
  Luke Valenta 94e7ddbc94 add descriptions to example in README 8 months ago
  Luke Valenta 62bd97e728 add info on how to contribute, and clean up pcap directory 8 months ago
  Gabbi Fisher 87aa1ae16f Use 'impossible' instead of 'invalid' for browser-actual mismatch--the match is impossible, not invalid 9 months ago
  Gabbi Fisher 9fe9e5c349 Fix cipher grading test 9 months ago
  Gabbi Fisher 85f5ec3b86 add missing ciphersuite grades 9 months ago
  Gabbi Fisher db46309eb4 run go fmt and use RWLocks instead of mutexes (b/c reads do not conflict) 11 months ago
  Gabbi Fisher 844fbcf0ed Merge branch 'master' of 11 months ago
  Gabbi Fisher aa99806c5c Ensure all intset functions perform nil checks and ensure that no nil intset is passed into collections functions from processor 11 months ago
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