A privacy respecting, hackable Metasearch-Engine

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A privacy-respecting, hackable `metasearch
engine `__.

Pronunciation: səːks

List of `running
instances `__.

See the `documentation `__ and the `wiki `__ for more information.

|OpenCollective searx backers|
|OpenCollective searx sponsors|


- clone source:
``git clone https://github.com/asciimoo/searx.git && cd searx``
- install dependencies: ``./manage.sh update_packages``
- edit your
`settings.yml `__
(set your ``secret_key``!)
- run ``python searx/webapp.py`` to start the application

For all the details, follow this `step by step
installation `__.


Bugs or suggestions? Visit the `issue
tracker `__.

`License `__

More about searx

- `openhub `__
- `twitter `__
- IRC: #searx @ freenode

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:target: https://opencollective.com/searx#backer

.. |OpenCollective searx sponsors| image:: https://opencollective.com/searx/sponsors/badge.svg
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