themightyglider e35e124bfe FIXED TYPO 'tunica' >'tunic', 'Eye patch' > 'Eye Patch' 1 month ago
.. cb33cf4fdc IMPROVED spawn behavior for villagers(breaking change); ADD cage; ADD dwarf; IMPROVED some tiles; MISC cloths for villager dryade; MINOR bugfixes 4 months ago c3b574e4e7 BUGFIX magic shops (final); BUGFIX Instable buff 2 months ago 15327eebba ADD crystal orb; ADD GPLenforced badge to README; BUGFIX Game crashes when wearing bronze equipment 8 months ago 12e042ff4f BUGFIX Sudden dead while sleeping; BUGFIX Wrong items are crafted; BUGFIX 'Cross'-button dosn't work 1 year ago 419aeca46a ADD colored item names; ADD player status icons IMPROVED fire-mode, IMPROVED GCW Zero input; BUGFIX monster info icons are not shown in low resolution mode 1 year ago 379adddffb IMPROVEMENT alternative graphics for everything 1 month ago 2a4f3c8e53 ADD colored dungeon stairs; BUGFIX item_wear.init() 2 months ago e35e124bfe FIXED TYPO 'tunica' >'tunic', 'Eye patch' > 'Eye Patch' 1 month ago 47c7ba3b31 ADD throwable items(stone,dart,throwing knife); ADD ability for monsters to throw stones, darts and throwing knifes 2 months ago 1930dfa6a6 BUGFIX Issue #36 #38 1 month ago dd0bfd6b3f Some GCW Zero related changes 1 year ago 1b3eadeb72 ADD Skills (breaking change);ADDStatus menu; DISABLE map menu 5 months ago db5cf49c57 ADD Magic Map(item) 2 months ago 36bdd4e44b ADD dynamic fire and explosions;BUGFIX workbench in sanctuary can be replaced by building; IMPROVEMENT cut a few sfx files to make them fit better 3 months ago 7d937168e3 IMPROVEMENT item info can be called now by pressing on an item; BUGFIXES Issue #15 #17 #23 #34; FIXED TYPOS thx to 'pepesilv1a' 1 month ago 3bf3b89d5c IMPROVEMENT workbenches can be picked up now if no items are inside 1 month ago e9ea857076 CHANGE version number to 2.2.1 1 month ago