themightyglider 40572f8a15 ADD graphic for squirrel 10 hours ago
BUILT 420991e453 IMPROVEMENT Better placing functionality, Minor improvements to building 11 months ago
CHAR ce54cc7da5 IMPROVEMENT underwear is shown now while character generation 10 hours ago
DISPLAY 5bab02c0a3 ADD new spell: Stasis 2 weeks ago
LIGHT 4a420ee2d0 ADD New Buffs (Night Vision,Iron Skin,Berzerk,Fireresistance); ADD Buff-Support for food items(breaking change); ADD New Potions(Night Vision Potion,Iron Skin Potion,Berzerk Potion,Potion of Fire Resistance); FIXED wrong pixels in GRAPHIC/TILE32/tiles.png 6 months ago
MONSTER 40572f8a15 ADD graphic for squirrel 10 hours ago
NUM 5c8c9b82e4 ADD level info for monsters 1 year ago
TEMPLATES d80bd89389 Improve monsters + Bugfixes 1 year ago
TILE1 3ff287e658 First Commit 2 years ago
TILE32 2a4f3c8e53 ADD colored dungeon stairs; BUGFIX item_wear.init() 4 months ago