Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  themightyglider e1daea8445 IMPROVEMENT Fullscreen mode 1 week ago
  themightyglider 28fc3b50d1 IMPROVEMENT optimize pets for dungeons and ranged battles 1 week ago
  themightyglider eb362dfa18 ADD Pets 1 week ago
  themightyglider c9f0c3100f BUGFIX Issue #80 1 week ago
  themightyglider e54dc0adfa BUGFIX Issue #79 2 weeks ago
  themightyglider af3afc5256 ADD new graphics 2 weeks ago
  themightyglider 6be0a0a2ea ADD Elysium (Hud-World) (WIP) 2 weeks ago
  themightyglider eeb928824a ADD description for buckets 2 weeks ago
  themightyglider 275d7948b8 IMPROVEMENT add utilities for dialogs to make dialog programming faster 2 weeks ago
  themightyglider 6b42652b87 IMPROVEMENT Indoor objects can't be placed on agriculture anymore (breaking change) 2 weeks ago
  themightyglider 3c896849e0 ADD Bucket 3 weeks ago
  themightyglider 6f3f76547c IMPROVEMENT fine tuning for removing 3 weeks ago
  themightyglider feb4c8d5eb IMPROVEMENT reworked removing of buildings 3 weeks ago
  themightyglider bf304a3483 BUGFIX Issues #75 #76 (Was the same problem) 3 weeks ago
  themightyglider 6f8bb0c3f2 ADD dialog system for NPCs 1 month ago
  themightyglider 28f660835f CHANGE add special rules for bufs(light and adrenalized) again 1 month ago
  themightyglider fda95c9a52 BREAKING CHANGE Rework buffs (I expact bugs and crashes to occure because of this. Every report helps to stabilize the game. Thanks.) 1 month ago
  themightyglider 4646fe9039 BUGFIX Issue #66 1 month ago
  themightyglider 41e169e3a1 BUGFIX Issue #62 #63 #64 #66 #68 #69 1 month ago
  themightyglider b4460be81e CHANGE screen.render_rextbox_open() is 2 times faster now; EXPERIMENTAL CHANGE rework hit calculation 1 month ago
  themightyglider 88363047b1 BUGFIX Issue #52 1 month ago
  themightyglider 7281e525a1 BUGFIX Issue #60 1 month ago
  themightyglider 1d9b27c248 BUGFIX Issue #47 #59 1 month ago
  themightyglider 670f8dd29f IMPROVEMENT build menu; REMOVE world.choose_size(); BUGFIX Issue #47 #49 #50 #57 1 month ago
  themightyglider cc247ccc99 IMPROVEMENT 'place' makes a difference between indoor and outdoor now; BUGFIX Issue #53 1 month ago
  themightyglider fd8432c726 IMPROVEMENT More generic way to express monster abilities (new abilities don't brake old save games); BUGFIX Bombs(I hope this time is the last time); BUGFIX Activate Portal request window 1 month ago
  themightyglider 40572f8a15 ADD graphic for squirrel 2 months ago
  themightyglider ce54cc7da5 IMPROVEMENT underwear is shown now while character generation 2 months ago
  themightyglider d67a9af9ed ADD squirrel to overworld; REMOVE Grassland snake; IMPROVEMENT underwear is now rendered seperat from skin; ADD Demon cloths 1&2 (decorative); MINOR BUGFIXES 2 months ago
  themightyglider c3571ce3ca ADD chicken (replace green blob in grassland) 2 months ago