Commit History

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  themightyglider 2799a8e9fb IMPROVEMENT dynamic outlines for walls/liquids 1 day ago
  themightyglider bbfb822747 BUGFIX Issue #111 + some minor fixes 3 days ago
  themightyglider 8c67e0dc48 BUGFIX Issue #110 4 days ago
  themightyglider abd5338819 IMPROVEMENT monster AI 1 week ago
  themightyglider 1429a6453c BUGFIX Issue #105 1 week ago
  themightyglider a0a4f42423 BUGFIX Issues #107 #108 ; IMPROVEMENT rescue of villagers (unfinished&broken ATM) 1 week ago
  themightyglider d93e5a036f BUGFIX Issue #101 + minor fixes 2 weeks ago
  themightyglider ada896ffce BUGFIX Issue #102 (Moved constructor) 2 weeks ago
  themightyglider 9e90e3ad68 BUGFIX Issue #106 2 weeks ago
  themightyglider cb414e6dbe BUGFIX Issues #103 , #98 (maybe?); IMPROVEMENT Better graphics for lava 2 weeks ago
  themightyglider 53dea87c92 BUGFIX Issue #98 (maybe?) 2 weeks ago
  themightyglider 2fd06fe13e FIXED TYPOS Issue #99 2 weeks ago
  themightyglider c01d2c1ba0 BUGFIX Issue #98(CTD) 2 weeks ago
  themightyglider aa38f12f1c ADD Tutorial 6(Final) 2 weeks ago
  themightyglider 6e655d1682 ADD Tutorial 5 3 weeks ago
  themightyglider 0c50cc7b0f BUGFIX Issue #97 3 weeks ago
  themightyglider eccd2792ad IMPROVEMENT Player is asked which key notation he/she want to use if a joystick is detected 3 weeks ago
  themightyglider 40cb082b6f IMPROVEMENT Game show button numbers instead of key names if a gamepad is connected; BUGFIX item info screen dosn't disappear if you press [x] 3 weeks ago
  themightyglider 4cfb369a3a ADD Tutorial 4 3 weeks ago
  themightyglider 34e689ec56 ADD Tutorial 3 3 weeks ago
  themightyglider 097609074c Add Tutorial Part 2 3 weeks ago
  themightyglider 1b41360a62 BUGFIX Issue #94 3 weeks ago
  themightyglider 91af2f57c4 ADD Tutorial Part 1 3 weeks ago
  themightyglider 08c66d8e39 ADD possibility to send items from inventory home to elysium 3 weeks ago
  themightyglider a24d4c9d5c IMPROVEMENT building with pets 3 weeks ago
  themightyglider 01f9eb9eae HEAVY IMPROVEMENT OF PETS 3 weeks ago
  themightyglider b6a797705f ADD invisibility buff for player (breaking change); ADD monster properties (breaking change): BUGFIX Issue #83 1 month ago
  themightyglider 72d379d68a ADD Warning if you try to walk over blessed ground while you are hexed; BUGFIX Issue #62 1 month ago
  themightyglider f9216cf457 IMPROVEMENT In-game text output 1 month ago
  themightyglider c40877c247 BUGFIX Issues #92 #93 1 month ago