Commit History

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  themightyglider c5d56362e8 IMPROVING MAGIC Step 3: Healing 1 week ago
  themightyglider 34086a0d42 IMPROVING MAGIC Step 2: Repair 1 week ago
  themightyglider c8a7f5fba2 IMPROVING MAGIC Step 1: Identification 1 week ago
  themightyglider b4d18efffe IMPROVEMENT Player levelup mechanics (experimental) 1 week ago
  themightyglider d123a63686 IMPROVEMENT Disable fullscreen in cheat mode; FIXED TYPO Issue #45 1 week ago
  themightyglider b2ac875a45 BUGFIX Player's toomb spawns over stairs; ADD cheat-mode 1 week ago
  themightyglider e0dffc81f4 BUGFIX Issue #33; BUGFIX Player gets surounded when first enter the caves; BUGFIX Doors can drop stones 2 weeks ago
  themightyglider 2bc3e34594 IMPROVEMENT moved logic for rendering monsters into a seperate functon(screen.draw_monster); IMPROVEMENT when player or a monster moves trough liquids the lower parts of its body is hidden 1 month ago
  themightyglider e35e124bfe FIXED TYPO 'tunica' >'tunic', 'Eye patch' > 'Eye Patch' 1 month ago
  themightyglider 0a3bb5622a BUGFIX reduce monster-lvl in tomb; BUGFIX player weapons are not rendered 1 month ago
  themightyglider de72273300 BUGFIX Issue #10 1 month ago
  themightyglider e7c65848e1 BUGFIX Issue #39 1 month ago
  themightyglider 456fb47580 BUGFIX Issue #39 1 month ago
  themightyglider 1930dfa6a6 BUGFIX Issue #36 #38 1 month ago
  themightyglider 6a44245a0c IMPROVEMENT better screen.render(); IMPROVEMENT dynamic shadows 1 month ago
  themightyglider 379adddffb IMPROVEMENT alternative graphics for everything 1 month ago
  themightyglider 41d27d8015 IMPROVEMENT Allow alternative graphics for tiles/monsters 1 month ago
  themightyglider e9ea857076 CHANGE version number to 2.2.1 1 month ago
  themightyglider 9d64901e4c IMPROVEMENT add 'You finished waiting.'-message 1 month ago
  themightyglider 3bf3b89d5c IMPROVEMENT workbenches can be picked up now if no items are inside 1 month ago
  themightyglider 4adb2f5c64 BUGFIX Issue #22; IMPROVEMENT Game is saved now more often 1 month ago
  themightyglider e9a94b1c60 BUGFIX Issue #6 #8 #9; Improvement Better chance to hit with a trown object on shorter range (for Player+NPCs) 1 month ago
  themightyglider 067210bcef BUGFIX Issue #10 #11 #12 #19 #25 #30 #32 1 month ago
  themightyglider 7d937168e3 IMPROVEMENT item info can be called now by pressing on an item; BUGFIXES Issue #15 #17 #23 #34; FIXED TYPOS thx to 'pepesilv1a' 1 month ago
  themightyglider 2a4f3c8e53 ADD colored dungeon stairs; BUGFIX item_wear.init() 2 months ago
  themightyglider fb45bc900d ADD artifact and suffix variabel to items (preperation for v2.2.1); BUGFIX Altar: cursing and uncursing items; PREPARING for build 2 months ago
  themightyglider a06e2c41c7 ADD artifact and suffix variabel to items (preperation for v2.2.1); BUGFIX Altar: cursing and uncursing items 2 months ago
  themightyglider acf3a1383e Prepare for build(pyinstaller) 2 months ago
  themightyglider c3b574e4e7 BUGFIX magic shops (final); BUGFIX Instable buff 2 months ago
  themightyglider aaf1519e41 BUGFIX magic shop doors spawn inside magic shops -> CTD; FIXED several typos 2 months ago