Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  themightyglider 40572f8a15 ADD graphic for squirrel 10 hours ago
  themightyglider ce54cc7da5 IMPROVEMENT underwear is shown now while character generation 11 hours ago
  themightyglider d67a9af9ed ADD squirrel to overworld; REMOVE Grassland snake; IMPROVEMENT underwear is now rendered seperat from skin; ADD Demon cloths 1&2 (decorative); MINOR BUGFIXES 11 hours ago
  themightyglider c3571ce3ca ADD chicken (replace green blob in grassland) 1 week ago
  themightyglider fc6b230d97 ADD dynamic change of the size for GRAPHIC/TILE32/tiles.png and GRAPHIC/MONSTER/monsters.png 1 week ago
  themightyglider 5bab02c0a3 ADD new spell: Stasis 2 weeks ago
  themightyglider ab690c019e IMPROVING MAGIC Step 8: Light 2 weeks ago
  themightyglider 771aea6f95 IMPROVING MAGIC Step 7: Healing Aura 1 month ago
  themightyglider dfc60e7ab6 BUGFIX game crashes when sacreficeing misc items; BUGFIX wrong in fading textboxes for workbenches 1 month ago
  themightyglider 4d67b3182e ADD smooth animation for textboxs appearing 1 month ago
  themightyglider 579efc2a62 IMPROVING MAGIC Step 6: Flame 1 month ago
  themightyglider b3af892ed7 IMPROVIN MAGIC Step 4: Teleportation 1 month ago
  themightyglider 299523c642 IMPROVIN MAGIC Step 4: Teleportation; CHANGE Mysterious blue crystal is stackable now and they only set focus to max again, fire a magic weapon at heast needs 20% focus now; focus does not regenerate if tirednes is below 70% 2 months ago
  themightyglider c5d56362e8 IMPROVING MAGIC Step 3: Healing 2 months ago
  themightyglider 34086a0d42 IMPROVING MAGIC Step 2: Repair 2 months ago
  themightyglider c8a7f5fba2 IMPROVING MAGIC Step 1: Identification 2 months ago
  themightyglider b4d18efffe IMPROVEMENT Player levelup mechanics (experimental) 2 months ago
  themightyglider d123a63686 IMPROVEMENT Disable fullscreen in cheat mode; FIXED TYPO Issue #45 2 months ago
  themightyglider b2ac875a45 BUGFIX Player's toomb spawns over stairs; ADD cheat-mode 2 months ago
  themightyglider e0dffc81f4 BUGFIX Issue #33; BUGFIX Player gets surounded when first enter the caves; BUGFIX Doors can drop stones 2 months ago
  themightyglider 2bc3e34594 IMPROVEMENT moved logic for rendering monsters into a seperate functon(screen.draw_monster); IMPROVEMENT when player or a monster moves trough liquids the lower parts of its body is hidden 3 months ago
  themightyglider e35e124bfe FIXED TYPO 'tunica' >'tunic', 'Eye patch' > 'Eye Patch' 3 months ago
  themightyglider 0a3bb5622a BUGFIX reduce monster-lvl in tomb; BUGFIX player weapons are not rendered 3 months ago
  themightyglider de72273300 BUGFIX Issue #10 3 months ago
  themightyglider e7c65848e1 BUGFIX Issue #39 3 months ago
  themightyglider 456fb47580 BUGFIX Issue #39 3 months ago
  themightyglider 1930dfa6a6 BUGFIX Issue #36 #38 3 months ago
  themightyglider 6a44245a0c IMPROVEMENT better screen.render(); IMPROVEMENT dynamic shadows 3 months ago
  themightyglider 379adddffb IMPROVEMENT alternative graphics for everything 3 months ago
  themightyglider 41d27d8015 IMPROVEMENT Allow alternative graphics for tiles/monsters 3 months ago