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Reusable Makefile components for everyday use.

makefilet provides a set of Make targets for common development tasks. It simplifies your life and the life of your co-developers by letting you focus on your language and your project instead of clumsily writing Makefile snippets.

Most features are working out of the box. Some features require a configuration file (e.g. for tox) or a variable in your Makefile.

In a perfect world, the Makefile of your project is reduced to just a single line that is responsible for including makefilet. The latter is providing all the magic for you. Discover it via make help.


Currently supported tasks include:

Integrate makefilet into your project

Somehow you need to make makefilet available for yourself and your co-developers within your project repository.

Probably the following lines are everything you need:

[ -s Makefile ] || echo >>Makefile
sed -i 1i'include' Makefile

See the integration instructions for more details and a few alternative approaches.

Start using makefilet's features

Take a look at the list of new available targets provided by makefilet:

make help

Take a look at the usage instructions for more details.


Please take a look at the contribution hints.