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Contributing to makefilet

Submit a patch / proposal

Your contributions and hints are welcome!

Command line

This manual approach is probably sufficient for simple changes:

  1. checkout the source: git clone
  2. prepare changes
  3. use git's tools (e.g. git format-patch or git request-pull) or a simple diff for preparing a changeset
  4. submit the changeset

Web-based merge/pull request

Use the gogs instance on notabug for a web-based approach of contribution:

  1. register on
  2. fork the makefilet repository
  3. prepare changes and push them to your branch
  4. create a pull request

Publish a release

  1. update Changelog file
  2. run make release-patch (or release-minor or release-major)
  3. run make dist-deb
  4. run git push --follow-tags
  5. create a new release with the following details:
    • tag: current release tag (e.g. v0.2.6)
    • title: the tag (e.g. v0.2.6)
    • content: see the corresponding entry in the Changelog file
    • attach the locally built deb package (build/debian)