Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Lars Kruse 4edc5644ef Bump version: 0.5.3 -> 0.5.4 2 months ago
  Lars Kruse 93960e7e58 Prepare changelog for new release 2 months ago
  sumpfralle abae33fed3 Merge branch 'fix-open-coverage-report' of kmohrf/makefilet into master 2 months ago
  Konrad Mohrfeldt 26234ae98d fix syntax error causing failing coverage report target 2 months ago
  Lars Kruse a02754873a Restrict the parsed version to three digits 5 months ago
  Lars Kruse 453679b7ee Remove occurrences of access to undefined variables 7 months ago
  Lars Kruse c24fcd7775 Stop hiding 'wget' error messages 9 months ago
  Lars Kruse 89c322884a Do not output warning in case of empty "BUMP_VERSION_COMMIT_FILES" 11 months ago
  Lars Kruse 6e4c985c5d Bump version: 0.5.2 -> 0.5.3 1 year ago
  Lars Kruse 5ac6c0f6f4 release: specify PROJECT_NAME for generated release tarball 1 year ago
  Lars Kruse 3a10db025b Bump version: 0.5.1 -> 0.5.2 1 year ago
  Lars Kruse 6122ea4f2b Prepare changelog for release 1 year ago
  sumpfralle 2e0e0efaa6 Merge branch 'master' of kmohrf/makefilet into master 1 year ago
  Konrad Mohrfeldt 0c92183dc9 allow users to override dput call 1 year ago
  Konrad Mohrfeldt 5321a7fae0 improve documentation for DEBIAN_BUILDPACKAGE_COMMAND variable 1 year ago
  Lars Kruse ccf5fe2740 Bump version: 0.5.0 -> 0.5.1 1 year ago
  Lars Kruse bfe318f2ee Fix virtualenv-related dependencies 1 year ago
  Lars Kruse b7c8074973 Bump version: 0.4.0 -> 0.5.0 1 year ago
  Lars Kruse 955ec7e943 Add new component "python-django" 1 year ago
  Lars Kruse 3e49af600f move django-related check from "python-virtualenv" to "python-django" 1 year ago
  Lars Kruse d84fe0eb3d Fix typo 1 year ago
  Lars Kruse 3f4464e28f Bump version: 0.3.0 -> 0.4.0 1 year ago
  Lars Kruse 64775d8e60 python: tests can be disabled via DISABLE_PYTHON_TESTS=1 1 year ago
  Lars Kruse 1952edc44b Attach missing dependency "clean-python" to "clean" 1 year ago
  Lars Kruse f78d2c973d Add new component "python-virtualenv" 1 year ago
  Lars Kruse 5553ef7ca8 download-ondemand: fix portability issue for *BSD 1 year ago
  Lars Kruse 6bf1772369 Bump version: 0.2.10 -> 0.3.0 1 year ago
  Lars Kruse b081fcaba6 deb: update policy version (no changes required) 1 year ago
  Lars Kruse 02d9c6c58f Add "release-tar" and "release-tar-sign" targets 1 year ago
  Lars Kruse ec8bde4c9e fixup! Add new component "generic" 1 year ago