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this is my personal repository meant to hold all necessary information to set up classic server utilities on a void linux raspberry

void linux

follow the steps on until you end up with a working and booting void linux environment

upgrade xbps and all preinstalled binary packages until xbps doesn't find any upgradeable packages

xbps-install -Syu

system setup

install basic utilities

xbps-install -S git mksh vis
chsh # to /bin/mksh


# make a new user
useradd strlst -G wheel
export EDITOR=vis
# enable wheel permissions
# by removing the comments around "%wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL"
su - strlst
chsh # to /bin/mksh again
git clone
git clone
cd dotfiles
# meant to easily bootstrap all required packages
# rpibootstrap doesn't exist, so just
# echo "curl wget nginx whatever" > rpibootstrap beforehand
#cat rpibootstrap | xargs xbps-install -Sy
# bootstrap various dotfiles
sh setup
# bootstrap various config files (ssh, nginx, hosts, ...)
cd rpi-server-config
sh setup

should be pretty much set up and ready for venture


don't forget to link new serverices

sudo ln -s /etc/sv/nginx /var/service

services should start on their own