Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Steinar Bang 6078563f23 Use pax-jdbc-config to set up the JDBC datasources and configure schemas with liquibase 3 months ago
  Steinar Bang cd0db533ab Remove unnecessary junit-platform-launcher maven dependency 9 months ago
  Steinar Bang 019c3e09f7 Remove unnecessary junit-platform-runner maven dependency 9 months ago
  Steinar Bang b7708be851 Use version 1.4.1 of apache shiro 10 months ago
  Steinar Bang 49884779e0 Add karaf feature handlereg-with-derby that loads and starts handlereg with a derby database with dummy data, and authservice with dummy users 11 months ago
  Steinar Bang cd960bddc2 Make HandleregDatabase extend DatabaseService and use JDBC the recommended way 11 months ago
  Steinar Bang f17197f43a Add shiro-based web security component 1 year ago