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Home (aka: user's dotfiles)


  • Clone this repo somewhere: git clone ~/git/dotfile_termux
  • To install run ./
  • To update the dotfiles run git pull && ./
  • Alternatively, if you're setting up a fresh termux install, use the scripts/ script, which will set everything up and run all of the other scripts for you


  • In order to keep private info from public repos, use the .bash/private file; it's only copied by the script if it doesn't already exist
  • It's also a place you can add extra private aliases, functions, etc.
  • If you're maintaining a fork, run git update-index --assume-unchanged on this file in order to ignore the it's changes

Additional scripts

The following scripts are available in the "scripts" folder:

  • Install Atom Editor packages
  • Install command-line tools using apt
  • Wrapper around the all of the other scripts; use this to set up a new Mac
  • Install global io.js packages
  • Sets up sensible defaults for OS X settings and a couple other cool tweaks
  • Sets up sensible defaults for OS X settings and a couple other cool tweaks
  • Install global Python packages via Pip
  • Install global ruby gems



Most of this was based on work by these awesome people: