Installs an Openbox-based desktop environment on Linux (I use Devuan).

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Installs an Openbox-based desktop environment the way I like.


Installs a pretty basic xorg+openbox+xdm desktop environment for a user named user. Must edit menu.xml manually (or find some application that can manage it) to add applications to the menu. Tested on Devuan Chimaera.


Click for full size.


  1. Perform a fresh Devuan (or perhaps Debian) install with no desktop environment
  2. Login as root
  3. Download the script with wget or curl
  4. Read through the script to confirm it isn't malicious
  5. chmod it to be executable
  6. Run it


  1. I have setup an URL redirection so you can directly download like this:


    Otherwise just use the raw file URL here at notabug.

  2. Instead of chmod'ing the script and then running it you can just