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COntent MAnagement SYstem

This is a simple POSIX compliant CMS (Content management system) script to create a web standard static website. Generator of static website, blogs and broadcasts.

This package is compatible with ShellCheck, StandardJS and LibreJS.


To install you need to have the following pieces of software on your computer:

  • Debian Almquist Shell
  • GNU core utilities
  • GNU stream editor

These packages are installed by default in most GNU/Linux distributions. If not installed, you can install via your operating system's package manager. For Debian-like GNU/Linux distributions this would be:

# apt-get install coreutils dash sed


Change the global variables in the file ./

export SITEBASE=""
export SITESUBTITLE="SEPBIT is a technology company"
export SITEICON="$SITEBASE/assets/images/icon.png"
export SITEAUTHOR="Vitor Guia"
export SITERIGHTS="1991-2019 $SITEAUTHOR"

Page structure

Template ./src/templates/[pages|broadcasts|posts].html

Content ./src/[pages|broadcasts|posts]/episode-1.html

Variables ./src/[pages|broadcasts|posts]/

Broadcasts ./src/statics/assets/sounds/episode-1.ogg

export title="Episode 1"
export summary="Episode 1 summary"

Home page

Content ./src/home.html, variables ./src/


Assign execute permission to file ./

$ chmod +x ./
$ ./

Built directory structure



Pull Requests not accepted.


GPL-3.0-or-later, please see COPYING file for more information.