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  • tic80 aaa.lua

compile source files with ./, or if inotify-tools are installed you can run ./

New source files will need to be added to ./


  • ctrl+r to reload cart

small projects

  • box drawing with a sprite border (from 1 corner and side sprite?)
  • simple pathfinding (stright towards target, maybe sidesteps if blocked forward)
  • combat functions, maybe like dice (3d4 = [3 4])
  • item initialization - rolls values, makes things a bit different
  • print method for game item/entities (color, special info)


  • cons, update-in, get, get-in
  • input roguelike loop
  • world collision
  • UI
    • dialogues (interface screens)
    • title screen
    • death screen
    • health bar
  • [/] dungeon generator
    • alternate drunk walk algo (keep direction longer)
    • NxN area around spawning point clear of enemies and exits
    • depth / difficulty based population
  • [/] use special visual transition tiles in dungeon
    • tile variations (rand-nth in theme)
  • move animations
  • [/] collision checking (per tile)
  • how does speed work? (maybe ignore speed, everything can move 1 tile/action)
  • items
    • inventory
    • actions with items
    • initialization
    • bonuses
    • need to make sure random items are depth appropriate
      • this could be a rejection or a limit to stop adding items once a total depth power has been reached
  • combat
    • attack DSL (dice?)
    • armor? elements?
    • swing fx
    • sound fx for combat (hit/miss)
  • [ ] move fx to channel 3

  • [ ] up / down stairs

    • should be an opposite stair when you change level
    • trigger layer (doors/shops/etc.)
      • action key should use stairs
    • stair animation (clip, tween descend/ascend?)
    • level caching
  • [/] static town

    • load town as level with world/tiles
    • store triggers
    • townpeople?
  • [ ] stores

    • random items of category
    • item prices
    • better enter store key (command? auto on enter tile?)
  • [ ] ai

    • sleeping/waking
    • fear
    • split locomation ai from general type of behaviour
  • [ ] combat

    • wield slot
    • calculate armor/hit chance/ damage for an entity
    • little damage number fx?
    • miss fx
    • entity base stats
    • entity level (player level) should act as a sort of multiplier on base stats? and on hit/miss chance?


  • player level/experience
    • award exp
    • check/advance level
    • leveling up gives more hp
    • use level in combat functions
  • [x] item/entity evaluation

  • [x] store functionality

    • filter generated store items
    • item-print items, with price
    • show lower sell price
  • [x] AR stat (damage reduction)

  • [x] armor bonuses (+dodge)


  • [x] more monsters

  • [x] more items

    • big heal potion
    • return to town scroll
  • [ ] smoke fx

  • [ ] intro screen

  • [ ] stackable items


  • things can walk off the map - make dungeon always have border?
  • water can not be connected to dungeon
  • waiting make other entities animate weirdly?
  • pathfinding can walk diagonally could the player do this too? detect double direction keypresses?
  • opening command menu takes a turn first (should be delayed?)
  • x should enter store if you're standing on it?