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  rsiddharth bda89a2bb0 lpschedule_generator: bump to version 0.10.2 2 years ago
  rsiddharth ddccb4ca0b lpschedule_generator/ Bump to dev version. 2 years ago
  rsiddharth a32c34dab6 Format via black. 2 years ago
  rsiddharth d575fc9b31 lpschedule_generator/ Bump to 0.10.0. 3 years ago
  rsiddharth b97e19d8ed Update LPiCal.gen_ical. 3 years ago
  rsiddharth d36e9301c5 Update config. 3 years ago
  rsiddharth 1a45b44066 lpschedule_generator/ Bump to 0.10.dev1 3 years ago
  rsiddharth 85b0d87d34 lpschedule_generator/ Bump to 0.9.0. 3 years ago
  rsiddharth 9f3b51af96 lpschedule_generator/ Bump to 0.9.0b2. 3 years ago
  rsiddharth a3cc21e404 lpschedule_generator/ Bump to 0.9.0b1 3 years ago
  rsiddharth a4df072641 Dedicate to Public Domain. 4 years ago
  rsiddharth 7b73857ac1 Bump to 0.8.3 (godspeed). 4 years ago
  rsiddharth eafa4226e1 lpschedule_generator/ Use SPDX license identifier. 4 years ago
  rsiddharth 3052bad5d7 Bump to version 0.8.2. 4 years ago
  rsiddharth ca157748d3 Bump to 0.8.1. 5 years ago
  rsiddharth 3560094363 lpschedule_generator: Bump to version 0.8.0. 5 years ago
  rsiddharth f86d60dca0 lpschedule_generator: Bump to 0.8.0b1. 5 years ago
  rsiddharth 7b75bf324c Update print statements. 5 years ago
  rsiddharth 4b98727f30 Bump to 0.7.1. 5 years ago
  rsiddharth 576a6d1790 Bump to v0.7.0. 5 years ago
  rsiddharth d6647d24dd Update data_files. 5 years ago
  rsiddharth 40e47d1edf lpschedule_generator: Update __version__ to 0.7.0b1. 5 years ago
  rsiddharth cab6a8877c Bump to version 0.6.1 5 years ago
  rsiddharth d6e8f74ecf Update `data_files` 5 years ago
  rsiddharth ed336711b7 Makefile: change gpg signing key. 6 years ago
  rsiddharth d10d00b4a9 bumped to version 0.6.0 6 years ago
  rsiddharth a474c4a99b docs: re-structure LP schedule page. 6 years ago
  rsiddharth b7b3c4b961 update README.rst 6 years ago
  rsiddharth ba6487904b update lpschedule_generator/ 6 years ago
  rsiddharth ae3ef79c19 bumped to version 0.5.1 6 years ago