Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Robert Alessi cd949ce2bc updated to v1.18 4 weeks ago
  Robert Alessi b40c790544 added the 'zero-width joiner' (U+200D) in arabtex input scheme, encoded as '&' 1 month ago
  Robert Alessi 82a4715ea1 reverted from [d2f60b9] which broke the taḫfīf al-hamzah 4 months ago
  Robert Alessi 2eea4c3208 'Default' rules: leave hamzah alone in the middle of words after letters of prolongation or sukūn 9 months ago
  Robert Alessi 15c67eb239 updated copyright dates 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi 1705ab2310 prevent shorter arbmark ids from being taken as replacement patterns 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi a0725d4d76 added {} after \arabicfont in arbmarks 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi 5501041edd cleaned up the lua code 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi 0b00f31b9f additional rules for putting back on ʾalif al-waṣl with \arbnull{} 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi 5bd9eac901 documentation updated. a few arbnull rules were needed in voc and fullvoc 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi a675da7e91 color support: added new rules 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi 0a986331de added hard-coded short vowels in voc, novoc and trans rules 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi 97295d2565 hard-coded sukūn 2/2 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi c0f4f58697 added hard-coded sukūn 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi b92f35ef29 \arbcolor[]{} is now able to colorize everything, down to the diacritics! 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi c86ff586f9 sorted arbmarks table by descending length order 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi 3dae8039c3 arbmarks table: insert \arabicfont before Arabic unicode codepoint 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi 82a7066d1d %p? was not enough as a word boundary. replaced with %p* 2 years ago
  Robert Alessi e11852284d \arbmarks{} first checks if its argument is defined in the arbmarks table 2 years ago
  Robert Alessi cfd766fedc added Arabic marks: U+FDF5, U+FDFA 2 years ago
  Robert Alessi 4948d317c5 new command \arbmark{} for inserting any additional Arabic mark 2 years ago
  Robert Alessi 60f993283f start encoding the honorifics 2 years ago
  Robert Alessi 7a0f23c3ed \cap{} was already defined in math mode, oh dear! replaced with \uc{} 2 years ago
  Robert Alessi b27ba647d1 new command \prname{}; updated copyright dates 2 years ago
  Robert Alessi c98a0e7526 loc and \cap{}: less rules were needed 2 years ago
  Robert Alessi 0c8e8ef43c some more corrections 2 years ago
  Robert Alessi 0fc488a94a adapted \cap{} for loc convention 2 years ago
  Robert Alessi 035081bb65 a typo in arabluatex_voc.lua 2 years ago
  Robert Alessi 78614c74f2 rewriting \cap{} from scratch. added new table lcuc 2 years ago
  Robert Alessi 30e818377e such words as hay'At should not have the maddah 2 years ago