Commit History

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  Robert Alessi f25eea6af4 \rmfamily → \normalfont. append information collected by [98bc539] in footnotes, apparatus criticus and the like. 2 months ago
  Robert Alessi 98bc539382 new command used internally to store font family and shape to be used for transliterated Arabic 2 months ago
  Robert Alessi 31391d3642 use Harfbuzz in the doc. improved \arind: now works with hyperref and xindex 5 months ago
  Robert Alessi 2a109362f9 pass keeppdfinfo to hypersetup 6 months ago
  Robert Alessi 783fd8526a typo 6 months ago
  Robert Alessi 49849bfb67 \StretchBayt[true|false]: added option to remove stretching from lines of Arabic poetry 6 months ago
  Robert Alessi ceaa579e78 use lua-ul instead of ulem 6 months ago
  Robert Alessi d01a3f0995 typos. better formatting of tables. 6 months ago
  Robert Alessi cd949ce2bc updated to v1.18 6 months ago
  Robert Alessi 0d799c9bfe revert [505d978]; added ! specifier before the optional argument of arab and arabverse environments 7 months ago
  Robert Alessi 505d978cc3 load the default Arabic font with luaotfload 7 months ago
  Robert Alessi 350aaae632 new command \arind{} specialized in the construction of indexes 10 months ago
  Robert Alessi be2daca9e4 load fontspec before babel 10 months ago
  Robert Alessi 87d9ce8949 use NewComputerModern for Sans and Mono families 10 months ago
  Robert Alessi d4fe4e8acd use recommended iftex and \RequireLuaTeX 10 months ago
  Robert Alessi dc2439a5f8 adapted the documentation as a result of [a7c5601] 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi a7c56014bf \arb and \txarb needed \leavevmode at the very start of a paragraph 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi 65ef8fc32f typo 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi 178aac6ce9 revert to Old Standard 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi 52024ce627 use latexcolors 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi 43edab5b15 missing + before 'embolden' 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi c93cd2c086 finally, use Old Standard T 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi eb81db6a29 ... or Cochineal? 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi 263216187f consider using 'EB Garamond' as main font family 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi c236db24f0 new environment 'txarabtr' (not to be documented) 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi a60d651a32 a typo in the documentation 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi d2f60b95ce moved the rules that generate sukūn over final hamza when appropriate to a location where they can operate 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi a41e11d62d revert [dcb7cbd] 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi dcb7cbd8e3 include the taṭwīl in the rules that generate the sukūn 1 year ago
  Robert Alessi ee44995b9e a sukūn missing in the documentation 1 year ago