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  pizzaiolo 9ea292826d adding WordTsar 4 months ago
  Nicolas Maia f73ed01b25 Adding DefleMask, fixes #16 7 months ago
  Nicolas Maia c72a9e474c Changing link to Dwarf Fortress 8 months ago
  Nicolas Maia 5fa89b853b Hooray for Gitter 🎉 1 year ago
  Nicolas Maia a9c6593b74 gplenforced image fix 1 year ago
  Nicolas Maia 51140908e0 badge 1 year ago
  Nicolas Maia 27f78647dc linking to vaeringjar's project 1 year ago
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  pizzaiolo 05e288990e Merge branch 'master' of kragle/freedom-delayed into master 1 year ago
  Andrew Robbins 30d350841c The source code of Dwarf Fortress will be donated to the Museum of Modern Art. 1 year ago
  Nicolas Maia c36ddd88fd kudos to Wire for releasing server-side code: 1 year ago
  Nicolas Maia 2073cc70ad Adding ZynAddSubFX; should fix #7 (thanks Deys_) 1 year ago
  Nicolas Maia 65bd7c4457 Adding ZynAddSubFX; should fix #7 (thanks Deys_) 1 year ago
  pizzaiolo 290306587c Merge branch 'add-gitter' of maiki/freedom-delayed into master 1 year ago
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  pizzaiolo fd40521b14 Merge branch 'master' of zamber/freedom-delayed into master 1 year ago
  Piotr Zaborowski a4e6d4bae3 Add Wire server-side to the list 1 year ago
  Nicolas Maia d46736203c Adding Protonmail Android, thanks epon! 1 year ago
  Nicolas Maia 4d11bfb8cc Adding Simplenote; fixes #4 1 year ago
  Nicolas Maia 045d321081 Surprisingly, has been freed 2 years ago
  Nicolas Maia eb68705827 Adding Case (BitCoin wallet); fixes #3 2 years ago
  Nicolas Maia 7c353735eb Removed MEGA. Failed on its promise; remained proprietary 2 years ago
  Nicolas Maia ba03ec0b4e Added note about Peers 2 years ago
  Nicolas Maia e4d02bd16f Added osu! 2 years ago
  Nicolas Maia cf4f3085b2 Removing MAME: finally liberated, after 19 years 2 years ago
  Nicolas Maia c62f3bf8c7 Added more complete source for Jolla's openwashing/fauxpen-sourcing 2 years ago