Federated image sharing as completely free software!

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Federated image sharing - Improved!

Pixelfork is an fork of the open source image sharing platform Pixelfed which aims to put more respect to the interests of the open source community. The idea for the fork came up when Dansup, the main developer of Pixelfed, announced to integrate insights/analytics tools for brands, businesses and influencers in order to get them into the fediverse. Some actions of Dansup before that earned much criticism by the community, too. Now we want to take his source, released under the AGPLv3.0, and remove all insights/analytics stuff and implement the wishes of the community. The original project isn't that open for wishes and ideas of the community and aims to be an exact copy of Instagram but decentralized over ActivityPub. This project takes the community first and tries to create an even better network than Instagram is. For example, all other federated social networks have an federated timeline where the user can see all the posts from all connected instances. Pixelfed announced not to implement this extremely important feature which everyone in the community wants. Pixelfork will implement that from the very beginning!


You may have seen that this file is the only one in this repository. As for now, this is only an announcement. We decided to wait with our work until the original Pixelfed project finally implements ActivityPub federation support. Then we will push an copy of the Pixelfed repository here and start editing it to fit into the free and open code ideology.

Stay tuned

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The Team

From the beginning we are two people who are very active in Mastodon and want to make the world better. This list may grow over time.