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A modified Spotify client for Windows


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  • DRM bypass: Download all songs directly from Spotify servers -->
  • Enabled the skip button for ads blocking
  • Auto skipping function for audio based ads (Disabled in current build)
  • Quality and format (free account): 160 kb/s, 32-bit, 44100 Hz .ogg
  • Quality and format (premium account): 320 kb/s, 32-bit, 44100 Hz .ogg
  • Metadata: artist, title, album and album cover


You need Microsoft's Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes installed.

How to use:

  • Download XSpotify
  • Place all files into your Spotify profile, it's located under %appdata%\Spotify.
  • Start Spotify

After you have started XSpotify, the console window will appear.

Command Line Interface

Tested versions:

  • (30.01.2020)

Known bugs:

  • Crash after song skipping

Thanks to:


  • OpenSSL
  • TagLib