Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Pedro Gimeno 502cd657cf Typo 3 years ago
  Pedro Gimeno e02c70ca26 Improve range test; add message when not testing against native IEEE 3 years ago
  Pedro Gimeno 714988bef5 Add fallback 64-bit integer<->double conversion code 3 years ago
  DS 98faeac5a7 Load media from subfolders (#9065) 3 years ago
  Sebastien Marie 9c7340104a Define environ variable on OpenBSD (#10302) 3 years ago
  Pierre-Yves Rollo 71287894ad Fix missing translation call in hypertext (#10296) 3 years ago
  v-rob 83d0c360cc Add gradients and borders to FormSpec boxes (#8676) 3 years ago
  v-rob 471497fa91 Optimize formspec form size (#10144) 3 years ago
  hecks 5bda36143f Clean up sound_fade (#10119) 3 years ago
  Lars 649211bf27 Allow the ABM time budget to be configurable. 3 years ago
  rubenwardy 7242de1d4b ContentDB: Add Update All and download queuing (#9995) 3 years ago
  ANAND 291a6b70d6 Allow binding dig, place actions to keys; remove LMB/RMB hardcoding 4 years ago
  sfan5 fff0393187 Render nodeboxes with opaque material if possible (#10122) 3 years ago
  Lars Müller 1c38027c3a Fix precision not working in hud_change (#10186) 3 years ago
  v-rob cd0e213a36 Add font styling options to tables and textlists (#10203) 3 years ago
  Emojigit abfea69e5f Change `last-login` command to show player name in output (#10263) 3 years ago
  Paramat f92a393f6f Mapgen Flat: Add caverns, disabled by default (#9913) 3 years ago
  Hugues Ross 93ecc589bc Implement override.txt support for special tiles (#10140) 3 years ago
  Seeker d22fd6fc34 Fix build for Visual Studio (explicitly cast pointers) (#10256) 3 years ago
  Paul Ouellette 542df11bed Fix GCC class-memaccess warnings (#10239) 3 years ago
  SmallJoker aba8c37531 Falling: Fix error caused by missing param2 3 years ago
  sfan5 9bba52c400 content_cao: Support texture animation for upright_sprite (#10020) 3 years ago
  SmallJoker e5725dfb8e Allow starting local server using --go again (#10229) 3 years ago
  Lars Müller 470f328216 Revert "Get rid of non-ascii characters in the debug display code (#8821)" (#9828) 3 years ago
  Lejo 715a123a33 Add PUT and DELETE request + specific method value to HTTP API (#9909) 3 years ago
  SmallJoker f34abaedd2 decode_base64: Allow '=' padding character 3 years ago
  Hugues Ross 3ce03d1c2a Sanitize world directory names on create. Keep original name separate (#9432) 3 years ago
  rubenwardy f948e2c585 Fix incorrect view URL for games 3 years ago
  Wuzzy ae83edd165 Play place_failed sound if occupied or cannot attach (#9486) 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 808fa5ecb3 Improve default inventory+wield images of node drawtypes (#9299) 3 years ago