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  31. ForgeFed - draft - 2019-10-05 master
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  39. <li><a href="#abstract"><span class="toc-section-number">1</span> Abstract</a></li>
  40. <li><a href="#status-of-this-document"><span class="toc-section-number">2</span> Status of This Document</a></li>
  41. <li><a href="#overview"><span class="toc-section-number">3</span> Overview</a></li>
  42. <li><a href="#conformance"><span class="toc-section-number">4</span> Conformance</a></li>
  43. <li><a href="#objects"><span class="toc-section-number">5</span> Objects</a></li>
  44. <li><a href="#actors"><span class="toc-section-number">6</span> Actors</a></li>
  45. <li><a href="#client-to-server-interactions"><span class="toc-section-number">7</span> Client to Server Interactions</a><ul>
  46. <li><a href="#follow-activity"><span class="toc-section-number">7.1</span> Follow Activity</a></li>
  47. <li><a href="#push-activity"><span class="toc-section-number">7.2</span> Push Activity</a></li>
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  49. <li><a href="#server-to-server-interactions"><span class="toc-section-number">8</span> Server to Server Interactions</a><ul>
  50. <li><a href="#follow-activity-1"><span class="toc-section-number">8.1</span> Follow Activity</a></li>
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  52. <li><a href="#acknowledgements"><span class="toc-section-number">9</span> Acknowledgements</a></li>
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  67. <h1 id="abstract"><span class="header-section-number">1</span> Abstract</h1>
  68. <p>This document describes the ForgeFed protocol. ForgeFed is an extension of the <a href="">ActivityPub</a> protocol for delivering notifications and content for federation of version control systems. The purpose of this specification is to describe a protocol that can be integrated into source code management for enabling collaboration across different platforms.</p>
  69. <h1 id="status-of-this-document"><span class="header-section-number">2</span> Status of This Document</h1>
  70. <h1 id="overview"><span class="header-section-number">3</span> Overview</h1>
  71. <p>ForgeFed is an extension of <a href="">ActivityPub</a> and follows the same &quot;actors&quot; model, with a client-to-server protocol and a server-to-server protocol.</p>
  72. <h1 id="conformance"><span class="header-section-number">4</span> Conformance</h1>
  73. <p>The key words MAY, MUST, MUST NOT, SHOULD, and SHOULD NOT are to be interpreted as described in [RFC2119].</p>
  74. <h1 id="objects"><span class="header-section-number">5</span> Objects</h1>
  75. <p>Objects are the core concept around which both ActivityPub and ForgeFed are built. Examples of Objects are Note, Ticket, or Image. Objects are wrapped in Activities, a subtype of Object that describes some form of action that may happen, is currently happening, or has already happened. Examples of Activities are Create, Delete, or Follow.</p>
  76. <h1 id="actors"><span class="header-section-number">6</span> Actors</h1>
  77. <p>A ForgeFed implementation MUST provide an Actor of type <code>Repository</code> for every repository that should support federation.</p>
  78. <p>A ForgeFed implementation SHOULD provide an Actor of type <code>Person</code> for every user of the platform.</p>
  79. <h1 id="client-to-server-interactions"><span class="header-section-number">7</span> Client to Server Interactions</h1>
  80. <p>ForgeFed uses Activities for client to server interactions, as described by ActivityPub. A client will send objects (eg. a Ticket) wrapped in a Activity (eg. Create) to an actor's outbox, and in turn the server will take care of delivery.</p>
  81. <h2 id="follow-activity"><span class="header-section-number">7.1</span> Follow Activity</h2>
  82. <p>The Follow activity is used to subscribe to the activities of a Repository. The client MUST send a Follow activity the a Person's outbox. The server in turn delivers the message to the destination inbox.</p>
  83. <h2 id="push-activity"><span class="header-section-number">7.2</span> Push Activity</h2>
  84. <p>The Push activity is used to notify followers when somebody has pushed changes to a Repository. The client MUST send a Push activity the a Repository's outbox. The server in turn delivers the message to the Repository followers.</p>
  85. <h1 id="server-to-server-interactions"><span class="header-section-number">8</span> Server to Server Interactions</h1>
  86. <h2 id="follow-activity-1"><span class="header-section-number">8.1</span> Follow Activity</h2>
  87. <p>The server receiving a Follow activity in a Repository's inbox SHOULD add the sender actor to the Repository's followers collection.</p>
  88. <h1 id="acknowledgements"><span class="header-section-number">9</span> Acknowledgements</h1>
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