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  fr33domlover 3f0a7ab357 Deprecate 'repository' property, use 'context' instead 2 weeks ago
  fr33domlover 5550513f3b Make text color of light theme a bit darker for contrast with background 1 month ago
  bill-auger ea4161d1a8 expand fediverse link in 1 month ago
  fr33domlover e39cd02053 Add combined CSS theme, thank you ikomi! 1 month ago
  fr33domlover 3d46cd992e Dark theme color tweaks that ikomi asked 1 month ago
  fr33domlover e54dd94dfb Add dark theme by ikomi :) 1 month ago
  fr33domlover 88755cac76 Add some more commit-related properties to the vocabulary spec 1 month ago
  fr33domlover 109ec9a09c Start section headers from h2, reserving h1 for the page title 1 month ago
  fr33domlover 7fb1196a6e Remove old CSS, rename new theme.css to light.css 1 month ago
  fr33domlover aeaebffd77 List some commit related properties in vocab spec 1 month ago
  fr33domlover 28ce77c58f Edit template footer, add CC0 notice 1 month ago
  zPlus b512bd569f Test custom, simpler CSS theme. 1 month ago
  fr33domlover f7d66c9ca6 Specify title in metadata block, pandoc warns when it's missing 1 month ago
  fr33domlover da47cf633b Add TicketDependency type and properties dependencies and dependants 2 months ago
  fr33domlover db71ba72af Some updates to notes and examples of Commit, Repository and Ticket 2 months ago
  fr33domlover 93f2dec9f3 Specify date and commit ID in spec titles 2 months ago
  fr33domlover 2803822e29 List some ticket properties in vocab spec 2 months ago
  fr33domlover b291845f83 Link to fediverse account in README, for Mastodon to verify the link 2 months ago
  bill-auger 053d4f8960 update forum info on 2 months ago
  fr33domlover 210acc2616 Fix typo in vocab spec 2 months ago
  fr33domlover e09a5d69a7 Syntax-highlight all the examples in vocab spec 2 months ago
  fr33domlover c02daae8ca Remove standard AP types from vocab spec, it's only for new vocabulary 2 months ago
  fr33domlover 3f0476736e Add syntax highlighting style CSS 2 months ago
  fr33domlover fdb4076f36 Tweak wording about @context on vocab spec 2 months ago
  fr33domlover 3e19f2f26a Remove manual TOC and section numbers from spec, replace with headers 2 months ago
  fr33domlover ed60d7e83c Number sections in pandoc output 2 months ago
  fr33domlover 6e515f35a9 Initial setup for pandoc rendering 2 months ago
  bill-auger 7fa493303c update overview doc 2 months ago
  bill-auger e14bdde525 update overview doc 2 months ago
  zPlus 686bcbf104 Add Follow and Push activities description. 2 months ago