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xmountains, but with configurable colors

Here's a gallery with examples.

Usage, where it differs from xmountains:

./xmountaincolors -N [theme]


man ./

Themes are to be stored in $HOME/.config/xmountaincolors/[theme].conf. If a theme is not found or does not contain all configuration options or if its syntax is faulty, xmountaincolors falls back on the built-in defaults.

Theme syntax:

name = "example theme, some description";
colors =
base      = ( { red = 1.0; green = 0.5; blue = 0.5; }, { red = 0.6; green = 0.5; blue = 0.5; }, { red = 0.6; green = 0.5; blue = 0.5; } );
black     = ( { red = 0.132435467; green = 0.33; blue = 0.36; } );
white     = ( { red = 0.3; green = 0.33; blue = 0.36; } );
sky       = ( { red = 0.35; green = 0.38; blue = 0.41; } );
sea       = ( { red = .3; green = .33; blue = .36; } );
// Some comment
// All values are floats. Please note that e.g. blue=1; is not valid, it has to be blue=1.0;

If a value is left empty or not recognized, config reading fails and the built-in default colors are used instead. It is however possible to define only some of the arrays base, black, white, sky and sea (but the script provided is not capable of producing this type of partial configs).

The base colors define how the 3 different altitudes are colored, from bottom to top. The rest is self-explanatory, I think. Just try a few themes, you will see what happens :-)

Tools included

Since the config file syntax is overly complex, I included the script mktheme that will generate theme files. All you need to do is enter the colors. If you have grabc installed, the script will automatically prompt you to either use that or enter the values manually.


Depends on imake (just like the original xmountains) and libconfig (this is new).

  • On Debian, building this modified version of xmountains depends on the packages xutils-dev, libconfig-dev and xbitmaps (and maybe others). The program itself additionally depends on libconfig9. Also refer to deb/control.

  • On ArchLinux, see this PKGBUILD for more info, and additionally install libconfig.

Please cd to the src directory and invoke xmkmf (part of imake), then make.

Once it's made, you can run it straight from there, e.g.:

./xmountaincolors -b -M -r 1 -N bleak

But first you should create the directory ~/.config/xmountaincolors (this is not configurable atm) and copy some themes into it. Example themes are provided.