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A minimal, greyish style for the Transmission (BitTorrent client) Web Interface.

All files reflect the files in /usr/share/transmission/web, transmission-cli 2.84 (14307)
I made changes only to styles and images.
But since some of the .js scripts use inline styling, I had to change those as well, and thought the easiest way is to just upload the whole thing.
Also see LICENSE in the web folder.

How to install/use

  • copy the web folder to $HOME/.config/transmission-daemon (*)
  • in a terminal, enter export TRANSMISSION_WEB_HOME="$HOME/.config/transmission-daemon/web" (add this to a file that is being executed at login, e.g. ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile or ~/.xinitrc or ...)
  • start the daemon with transmission-daemon
  • open a web browser and navigate to

(*) you can also copy the /usr/share/transmission/web folder to $HOME/.config/transmission-daemon/ and then replace the styles folder with the styles folder from my repo. A few small things in the jQuery-UI will remain unchanged.

Change the background image

I included two background images in the newly created style/images/transmission/backgrounds folder. you can change the default background in style/images/transmission/*.css on line 13.
background patterns courtesy of squidfingers.


If you use openbox, also check out my transmission pipemenu.