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An openbox pipemenu to access transmission-cli's daemon and web interface

The Transmission BitTorrent client has a daemon that can be accessed with a web interface.
That means no resources are wasted on the graphical user interface, unless you open it in a browser (http://localhost:9091).

Addititonally, here's a rather simple openbox pipemenu, only to start/stop the daemon, open the web ui and dump some info into a terminal window on request.


Requires bash & openbox & transmission-cli.
On archlinux, transmission-daemon is included in transmission-cli, but on debian (stable) it has to be installed seperately.

It's good to have the TERMINAL and BROWSER environment variables defined.
If you use a different terminal emulator than urxvt, or a different browser than iceweasel/firefox, the commands might not work.
Please open an Issue and I will add the appropriate syntax.
Or simply change the variables inside the pipemenu.

How to install/use

See Openbox wiki on how to use pipemenus.

Also check out my alternative style for the transmission web interface.