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An image viewer and background setter, with a focus on small tileable images

Get a better impression of tiled images while browsing through folders full of them, recursively.
Change the background color (needed for partly transparent tiles).
Apply effects to a screen-sized canvas created from the current tile.
All results can be set as the desktop background with feh (TODO: include other background setters).

Example screenshot

tileset in action (the background was also created with tileset).


tileset [path/to/folder]

You may pass a different path as an argument, otherwise the current folder will be searched for images, recursively.

Hidden files and folders are excluded by default.
Can be overridden by setting the parse_hidden variable to 1.

You can add a symlink to your $HOME/bin (if it's in your $PATH):
cd ~/bin; ln -s /path/to/git/tileset/tileset

Single image mode:
tileset [path/to/folder/image.ext]
This way you can open a single image with tileset, e.g. from your filemanager.
Copy tileset.desktop to ~/.local/share/applications/. Requires tileset to be in your $PATH.


  • imagemagick (tested on versions 6.8 - 7.0) for image manipulation - namely the convert command.
  • w3mimgdisplay is part of the w3m terminal web browser. If this program does not reside in /usr/lib/w3m you need to edit the w3mimgdisplay variable in the script.
  • a terminal that works with w3mimgdisplay. I am using it with urxvt, but had difficulties with a special version of urxvt). xterm should always work.

Optional but recommended

  • wmctrl to adjust the terminal size.
  • feh (tested on versions 2.12 - 3.4) for background setting.
  • /tmp has to be user writable. Otherwise, adjust the tmpdir variable in the script.
  • A colorpicker - currently supported: grabc (command line color picker), zenity and yad. Otherwise manual user input.
  • ncurses for nicer user interaction

Also see

this blog post on how to obtain a nice collection of transparent tiles.