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An image viewer and background setter, with a focus on small tileable images

Get a better impression of tiled images while browsing through folders full of them, recursively.
Change the background color (needed for partly transparent tiles).
Apply effects to a screen-sized canvas created from the current tile.
All results can be set as the desktop background with feh (TODO: include other background setters).
The main menu also has a function to restore the background image to what it was before starting tileset.

Example screenshots:

tileset in action (the background was also created with tileset).
a screen-sized canvas with lighting effects (filesize reduced), created from this tile (which is rather transparent, so here it is again with a background color (also created with tileset).

Also see

this blog post on how to obtain a nice collection of partly transparent tiles.


tileset [path/to/folder]

You may pass a different path as an argument, otherwise the current folder will be searched for images, recursively.

Hidden files and folders are excluded by default.
Can be overridden by setting the parse_hidden variable to 1.

You can add a symlink to your $HOME/bin (if it's in your $PATH):
cd ~/bin; ln -s /path/to/git/tileset/tileset


Single image mode:
tileset [path/to/folder/image.ext]
This way you can open a single image with tileset, e.g. from your filemanager.
Copy tileset.desktop to ~/.local/share/applications/. Requires tileset to be in your $PATH.


Requires both imagemagick (tested on versions 6.8.9-9 and 6.9.3-7) for image manipulation and feh (tested on versions 2.12 and 2.14.2) for background setting!
/tmp has to be user writable. Otherwise, adjust the tmpdir variable in the script.
optional: grabc (command line color picker) (TODO: other common command line color pickers?)

if you are not using openbox, wmctrl will help to keep the dialog window focused.

if you are using openbox, you might want to add this snippet to your ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml. it will help the terminal window with the dialog to stay in focus, and not covered by the preview display.
However, the first <application>...</application> only makes sense if you run tileset e.g. like this: urxvt -e tileset ~/images/tiles

<application name="urxvt" title="tileset">
    <position force="yes">
<application title="display-tileset:*">
    <position force="yes">