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fortune-mod crunchbang/bunsenlabs

A collection of crunchy wisdom from the crunchbang forums and from the bunsenlabs forums (bunsenlabs linux is a community continuation of crunchbang linux).
To be used as fortune cookies with fortune.


fortune cbbl

There's also a script in bl/bl-fortune that can be invoked to send notifications with random quotes. Please see bl/bl-fortune -h for more info.

If you choose to not install this package, you have to run it with fortune build from the repo's root (see Installation).


The fortune program, contained in the fortune-mod package on most Linux systems.
Possibly gnu coreutils for the script.


the script will build the necessary files from the cbbl file and prompt you to copy them (install) to a directory of your choice.
This also makes it easier to manually add cookies to the file.
Use ./ to execute the build/install script.

Folded or Not?

Many (classical, old) fortune cookie files are folded to max. 80 chars width.
I have added this as an option to the script; you can also choose the max. width to fold, always respecting word boundaries. This can be useful when fortune is used elsewhere than in a terminal emulator (screensaver, ...).

Customization & Changes

Please open an Issue, or post to this thread if you want to add or change something. or make a merge request, or pm me, anything!


  • more quotes/cookies. anything is welcome, really.
  • debian package.
  • AUR package.