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Liberate is a Python 3 program written to convert audio/video files to .ogg audio files.

Quick install

Assuming you have ffmpeg installed.

$ git clone --depth=1
$ cd liberate
$ sudo python install


Convert a single existing file (any format, video or audio):

liberate file_to_convert.ext

Convert a whole directory of files (not recursive, will only take files in directory):

liberate path/to/directory/

Download from an external source (like youtube or soundcloud) using youtube-dl and convert:


Liberate doesn't delete the downloaded file by default, if you only want to keep the converted .ogg file:

liberate --remove


  • ffmpeg
  • youtube-dl (python)
  • colorama (python)
  • unix based system

This script is not tested on Windows, and most likely won't work at all on any version of Windows. Feel free to add support and send me a pull request, though.


Install python dependencies with sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt (though these will be installed automatically if was ran)


$ python3 sdist bdist_wheel
$ twine upload dist/*