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PD Loader

PD Loader lets you load plugins into PDAFT by placing them into a "plugins" folder, it includes useful ones such as input emulation and a graphical launcher.

License and Legal

The code included in this repository is intended for the solely usage of investigative reasons for the PDAFT videogame. Based on your current jurisdiction, it may be illegal to tamper with an arcade cabinet or its hardware and so it would be the usage of this software. You must have your own legal dump of the game to use this software. Additionally, a MIT License is provided.


  • Have a full clean game version "7.10" decompressed without any modifications.
  • Download the latest release of PD Loader.
  • Decompress everything into the root folder of the game.

  • Install the official "mdata". M215 to M270 are supported, custom ones are also supported.

To install them you have to drop each "mdata" update decompressed into the "mdata\" folder in the root folder of the game (create it if it doesn't exists).

e.g. For all the official "mdata" you should have the following folders inside:

  • M215
  • M220
  • M230
  • M240
  • M250
  • M260
  • M270

Files required to make "mdata" available in the game are included ("ram\databank\PvList*" files).


IMPORTANT: Do not edit any of the .ini configuration files with Notepad. Use Notepad++ (or WordPad) with UTF-8 encoding instead, otherwise your game may crash.

Use "plugins\components.ini" to enable or disable TLAC components. Use "plugins\config.ini" to enable or disable plugins loading along other useful settings. Use "plugins\keyconfig.ini" to change your game keybinds. Use "plugins\playerdata.ini" to change your playername and other player customization.

Place any .dva plugin you want to use inside the "plugins" folder.

Launch "diva.exe". Use "--launch" argument to bypass the launcher and to be able to use other arguments.


Edit "plugins\playerdata.ini with Notepad++ (or WordPad) and set use_card to true.


If you do not hear any audio from the game, please install DivaSound.


Your root game folder should look like this:

root game folder

Your "mdata" folder should look like this:

mdata folder


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.


MIT (see "LICENSE").

Third party plugins

DiscordDiva - Discord integration by bela333.

DivaSound - Replacement audio output by somewhatlurker, this plugin is a must if you have audio issues or no audio at all.


Only NVIDIA videocards are supported for now, AMD and Intel GPU support is possible but further research needs to be done. On computers with multiple GPUs, such as most laptops, the game must be set to run on the NVIDIA GPU manually.

Linux can run the game with Wine, for audio you must use DivaSound. WMV movie videos are not supported and it is recommended to set No_Movies to 1 to prevent crashes when the game attempts to load a movie.

Windows 7 is supported except for WMV movie videos.

Previous versions used dinput8.dll in the game root folder, if you still have it you must delete it.

Always use the original game executable.

Special thanks to Brolijah, Skyth, korenkonder, Samyuu, somewhatlurker, SwigS-27, crash5band, vladkorotnev, lybxlpsv and everyone else who helped at the Project DIVA Modding 2nd Community Discord, come join us if you want to help us to improve this project.

Developer FAQ

To enable logs and dumps create a folder called "logs" in the root folder, each dump size is 200MB so watch your disk space.

This is a stripdown of ThirteenAG's Ultimate ASI Loader v4.47 for "dnsapi.dll" usage only.

Solution for Visual Studio 2019. Requires platform toolset v142. Requires Windows 10 SDK (10.0.17763.0).

Requires Desktop development with C++. Requires Windows Universal CRT SDK.

Requires .NET desktop development (Launcher plugin). Requires .NET Framework 4 targeting pack (Launcher plugin). Requires C++/CLI support for v142 build tools (14.21) (Launcher plugin)

Requires Microsoft Research Detours Package (included in the solution). Requires FreeGLUT 3.0.0 PD (included in the solution).