• Version 1.5 BETA 3

    nastys 2 weeks ago 6 commits to master since this release

    IMPORTANT: If you have any issues, read the wiki before asking questions:

    Changes (1.5 BETA 3):

    • fixed cursor in full-screen borderless mode

    Changes (1.5 BETA 2): Changes:

    • hardware slider support
    • double-tap Esc to exit
    • fixed and improved GPU detection
    • simplified Enhanced Stage Manager configuration
    • fixed full-screen borderless on high-DPI
    • more internal resolution options
    • option for choosing the preferred Xinput controller to use, and Xinput fixes

    Changes (1.5 BETA):

    • much more user friendly than the previous releases

    Windows Vista currently requires mfplat.dll (64-bit) from Windows 7, and GNU/Linux requires Wine 4.12.1+. Read the wiki for more information.