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  nanabee 3fb297eb0d update now working 11 months ago
  nanabee 53b61dde47 Work on the platofmr last nnight by Jeff 11 months ago
  nanabee 3ccad456e1 image mow showing 11 months ago
  nanabee b41081892e Done 11 months ago
  nanabee 4db7146430 pull to refresh now working 11 months ago
  nanabee c2a7f1f306 now showing the progress in the minor stages2 11 months ago
  nanabee 3c209c67b4 now showing the progress in the minor stages1 11 months ago
  nanabee 9af584a92f now showing the progress in the minor stages 11 months ago
  nanabee e85fc07f63 have now set project status 11 months ago
  nanabee b158153532 progress number now working 1 year ago
  nanabee 735fe984cb showing pop in a new activity 1 year ago
  nanabee fc279bab86 pop up 1 year ago
  nanabee ff3ee7f957 all for 1 year ago
  nanabee f6fe06d517 all 1 year ago
  nanabee 10a67ec8f5 still on it 1 year ago
  nanabee 896f01cd20 adding option xml on progess page 1 year ago
  nanabee a0e71e4bfb horizontal scrollview 1 year ago
  nanabee eb88ae1cca adding horizonatal progress 1 year ago
  nanabee dee553ad1e added horizontal scroll view 1 year ago
  nanabee 48214366f8 now working perfectly 1 year ago
  nanabee 3e6f00a6eb camera 1 year ago
  nanabee ba4b61ee3b workong butoons 1 year ago
  nanabee f44326030b seeing top small 1 year ago
  nanabee 00b8709cca anv problems 1 year ago
  nanabee 1284f612ba seeing top 1 year ago
  nanabee 0949062776 hmm 1 year ago
  nanabee fd6e79b30d have it now 1 year ago
  nanabee 5fbd1e0e6a latest on jeffs machine 1 year ago
  nanabee 15d8103ff9 added contractor phase 1 year ago
  nanabee a0ec064eb1 login working 1 year ago