A collection of documents and tutorials of mathematics. (Still Under Development)

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**NOTE: This Repository is Still Under Development

簡介 About this Project


Write tidy, intuitive and innovative tutorials about Mathematics.


動機 Motivation


Take a balance between intuition and strict derivation.

計劃 Plan

線性代数 Linear Algebra

  • 以向量空間和線性映射為主線講解 / Construct book based on Vector Space and Linear Map
  • 從歐氏空間上的幾何直觀過渡到抽象向量空間 / Introduce abstract concept based on intuition of Euclidean Space

微積分 Calculus

  • 首先介紹微積分的歷史 / Introduce the 300-year history of calculus
  • 提供足夠的例子和直觀解釋 / Provide enough examples and intuitive explanations

註 Note


The development of this project has been suspended because I am working on other projects. Date of resuming is not decided.