Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Michael Buesch f21449d6bc Install and use icon files 7 years ago
  Michael Buesch 2ba796e6fa systemctl: Use --force when enabling unit to avoid errors 7 years ago
  Markus Törnqvist 91f82a2a69 CMake to configure and install 8 years ago
  Michael Buesch b36b496a26 Enable systemd unit at install time 10 years ago
  Michael Buesch 0fe9f6bcb0 Don't install udev rules, if udev is not present 10 years ago
  polyzen 808856eefe Skip systemd unit install if no systemd 10 years ago
  polyzen 21df77fe21 Slightly more appropriate udev rule name 10 years ago
  polyzen 142b5da6a9 Use pkg-config to set udev and systemd dirs 10 years ago
  polyzen 8e11afec42 Change systemd service location 10 years ago
  Torstein Husebø ea7e5f7a55 use configure_file rather than custom_command 10 years ago
  Michael Buesch 092c5f9a53 Force -O2 13 years ago
  Michael Buesch b0a2735ede Port to libusb-1.0 13 years ago
  Michael Buesch 305ef6c88b Don't override debug flags 15 years ago
  Michael Buesch f907fc9e54 Handle debug flags through cmake 15 years ago
  Michael Buesch aa51f6e269 Remove old pyrazer. Move stuff around. implement a few more razerd commands. 15 years ago
  Michael Buesch 04f40fdb4f Add razerd template. 15 years ago
  Michael Buesch dcea25f5c0 Reorganize the stuff a bit... 15 years ago
  Michael Buesch fece795ebc Add check for libusb. 16 years ago
  Michael Buesch b6183cca62 Specify C as programming language. 16 years ago
  Michael Buesch a0204364a6 Add graphical QT application to configure razer device. 16 years ago
  Michael Buesch a11cab9efb Add commandline configuration utility 16 years ago
  Michael Buesch bf9f77abf0 Initial commit. 16 years ago