1. Package: rtape
  2. Maintainer: Miron B. Kursa <>
  3. License: GPL-2
  4. Title: Manage and manipulate large collections of R objects stored as
  5. tape-like files
  6. Type: Package
  7. LazyLoad: yes
  8. Author: Miron B. Kursa
  9. Description: Storing huge data in RData format causes problems because
  10. of the necessity to load the whole file to the memory in order to
  11. access and manipulate objects inside such file; rtape is a simple
  12. solution to this problem. The package contains several wrappers of
  13. R built-in serialize/unserialize mechanism allowing user to quickly
  14. append objects to a tape-like file and later iterate over them
  15. requiring only one copy of each stored object to reside in memory a
  16. time.
  17. URL:
  18. Version: 2.2
  19. Date: 2011-05-10