srx.Rd 1000 B

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  3. \docType{data}
  4. \name{srx}
  5. \alias{srx}
  6. \title{Small redundant XOR data}
  7. \format{A data frame with 8 predictors, 4 relevant: A, B, AoB, AnB and nA, as well as 3 irrelevant N1, N2 and N3, and decision attribute Y.}
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  11. \usage{
  12. srx
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  14. \description{
  15. A synthetic data set with 32 rows corresponding to all combinations of values of five logical features, A, B, N1, N2 and N3.
  16. The decision Y is equal to A xor B, hence N1--N3 are irrelevant attributes.
  17. The set also contains 3 additional features, A or B (AoB), A and B (AnB) and not A (nA), which provide a redundant, but still relevant way to reconstruct Y.
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  19. \details{
  20. This is set is an easy way to demonstrate the difference between all relevant feature selection methods, which should select all features except N1--N3, and minimal optimal ones, which will probably ignore most of them.
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  22. \keyword{datasets}