Backup repository for the optional blocklists for CIDRAM.

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What does this repository contain?

It contains optional blocklists and modules made for CIDRAM (Classless Inter-Domain Routing Access Manager) and ZB Block
CIDRAM's primary repository is on Github, and a backup is available on BitBucket.
ZB Block is hosted at

A few words about the development

It is (like many open source projects) a hobbyist development.

Most of the development is done locally, what you find in the repository is the result pushed up for distribution.

This project's repository and issue tracker are on BitBucket.

This project has a back-up repository on NotABug.

Licenses and other information

There are two different licenses in use here, depending on included data and legacy background.
If in doubt, please check the respective file's header section for actual information.

More information about the respective files are in the readme files in each directory/folder.

Last modified: 2020-01-09