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Keybinds for TA


Move view to start/end of file without moving the cursor Alt+Home / Alt+End

Move to next/last space Alt+Right / Alt+Left

Move cursor to start of next/last paragraph Alt+Down / Alt+Up

Place cursor at start/end of currently visible page Control+page up / Control+page down

Cetner cursor vertically Control+home

Scroll view up/down Control+Up / Control+Down

Center view Alt+v

Shrink/grow current view Control+Alt+- / Control+Alt++

Switch between views Alt+page up / Alt+page down


Toggle comment on current line Alt+c

Insert { and } respectively Control+, / Control+.

Enclose selected text in '', "", (), [], {} Alt+1 / Alt+2 / Alt+3 / Alt+4 / Alt+5

Select text between '', "", (), [], {} Control+Alt+1 / Control+Alt+2 / Control+Alt+3 / Control+Alt+4 / Control+Alt+5

Select word under cursor (repeat to select all occurences) Alt+s

Select current line Alt+a

Select everything from current cursor position until end of line left/right Control+Alt+a / Control+Alt+d

Select current paragraph Alt+g

Delete everything from current cursor position until end of line left/right Control+Alt+q / Control+Alt+e

Delete word under cursor Alt+w

Delete word to the left/right Alt+q / Alt+e

Insert indent-aware pair of {} Control+,

Insert pair of {} Control+.

Insert {/} respectively Control+Alt+,/.

Insert std:: Control1

Duplicate current line Control+d

Delete current line Alt+d

Find as you type Alt+f

Find in files Control+Alt+f

Goto line Control+g

Highlight all occurences of current word under cursor Control+Alt+s

Open autocomplete Shift+Enter

Select next/previous autocomplete suggestion Tab / Shift+Tab

Place ; at the end of current line Alt+,

Insert newline and move cursor to the newly inserted line Control+Enter


Open buffer list Control+e

Close buffer Control+w

Close all open buffers Control+Alt+k

Save as Control+Shift+s

Open MRU list Alt+o

Open file Control+o

Open files from project (needs to be under version control) Control+p

Next/previous buffer Control+Alt+page down / Control+Alt+page up

Select language syntax highlighting Control+l


Trigger is f10 (mapped to capslock)

[b]uffer: [r]eload [w]rap mode

[s]election: [l]owercase [u]ppercase [s]ort

[v]iews: [v]ertical split [h]orizontal split [c]lose view

[i]ndendation: [s]how/hide [t]oggle tabs/spaces [c]onvert all

[p]aragraph (EOL): [s]how/hide [t]oggle CRLF/LF [c]onvert all