Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  lollilol b308677202 update server binarys 1 week ago
  lollilol ca2dec773b add GPL v3 license 3 months ago
  lollilol 451cb9cb8a big fucking commit 3 months ago
  lollilol 9b0845a334 make the app quit when its already running 3 months ago
  lollilol f808d49f37 remove the fucking version shit in package lock file again 3 months ago
  lollilol 13e8d4073c mmmhhhhhhhhyes 3 months ago
  lollilol b3e2b5a64c due to having a different server spawning method we dont need the server binary file anymore in the root 3 months ago
  lollilol e92f06779e fixed typo lol 3 months ago
  lollilol 65dba3d2be more intelligent server-ignoring (thx to uhwot) 3 months ago
  lollilol b45f4b5a58 ignore binary server files because they are getting copied anyway at the end 3 months ago
  lollilol 890e086a61 new, smarter build commands 3 months ago
  lollilol c5658669e8 new command to build for all platforms 3 months ago
  lollilol c7a61ad967 new version 3 months ago
  lollilol 378c13f0a6 new method for spawning the server and also less sleep time 3 months ago
  lollilol e7ef2cbd6c Merge branch 'master' of 3 months ago
  lollilol 7cf9b39f5d hopefully fixing macos error 3 months ago
  lollilol c6382908de added server darwin again lol 3 months ago
  lollilol 1cd63a9865 cleaning up a little bit 3 months ago
  lollilol e01ea1abb0 add macos nigger files to gitignore 3 months ago
  lollilol 8b132d2e09 fixed macos server name in build script 3 months ago
  lollilol 4f154dbd55 adding the darwin server path variable again, oops 3 months ago
  lollilol a837ec7345 new image context-menu actions 3 months ago
  lollilol 25e28c32b4 new server-darwin from uhwot, the most nicest person on the world 3 months ago
  lollilol 49424850e3 add 3s delay before opening the webpage 3 months ago
  lollilol a5e371de2b going back to normal startup :/ hope it works on all platforms 3 months ago
  lollilol 05fd6728a5 changing how the server is started to be compatible hopyfully on mac, windows and linux 3 months ago
  lollilol 73520685b4 icon fixxxxx 3 months ago
  lollilol 4148f422c5 some more clean up of unneeded stuff 3 months ago
  lollilol 20f636e103 many new changes for macos 3 months ago
  lollilol 0bdc037d91 add new dummy file, so when you test it doesnt close the server the whole time, rather it just displays it does, just like the server would if it would actually close 3 months ago