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This file lists useful applications to debug and modify the game code.

Helpful articles:

General tips before starting

  1. Rename or replace "upload_crash.exe", just to make sure
  2. Add the logging servers to your /etc/hosts file (see


Small tools that might come handy.

  • vbindiff - Binary difference viewer
  • xdelta3 - Binary patch generator (cross-platform)
    • Make patch: -e -s ORIG MOD PATCH.vcdiff
    • Apply patch: -d -s BAK PATCH.vcdiff MOD
  • PE Tools - File header editor
    • Change and enlarge executable code sections
    • Alternative: Ghidra's "Memory Map" dialogue

Scripting / Coding

Use: Extend 110/lua_injection.lua

Link: 110/

  • Extend the script to make use of the InjectFix API
  • Overwrite the network encoding/decoding function in UserAssembly
    • "Patch number": 0xe66f (how to register this patch?)
  • More information: 110/


Use: Decompile and patch UnityPlayer.dll, C code preview



  • Hotkey "G": Jump to address
  • Hotkey "Ctrl+Shift+G": Patch instruction
  • Hotkey "O": Export modified dll as binary
  • Script "": Edit bytes directly, assign a shortcut
  • FindCrypt script
    • Nothing interesting found in UnityPlayer.dll
  • "Memory Map": Edit PE headers to append code to free spots in/after the file


Use: decrypted global-metadata.dat + UserAssembly.dll => debug information



  • GUI does currently not work in Wine
  • WINEDEBUG=-all wine Il2CppInspector-cli.exe -m global-metadata.dat -i UserAssembly.dll -t Ghidra --unity-version 2017.4.30f1
  • Requires at least 2.5 GiB free RAM
  • Takes a LOOOONG TIME to execute
    • Generate C# code: 2'296.42 sec
  • May be used to import into Ghidra or IDA Pro

Il2CppDumper (fork)

A fork of the Il2CppInspector subcomponent.



  • Creates dump.cs for manual lookup
    • VA: 0x18xxxxxxx is the virtual memory address
  • Fails to generate data for direct Ghidra import

Cheat Engine (CE)

Use: Set breakpoints, rudimentary backtraces


Only works partially on Linux!

Required settings:

  • Edit -> Settings -> Debugger Options
    • Use "VEH Debugger"
    • Use "Page exceptions" (optional, only specifies the defaults)

Optional: copy & paste the x86_64 binary and rename it. That might avoid detection.

"Debug" instructions:

  1. Run GI in suspend mode -> PowerShell script
  2. CE: Open process GenshinImpact using "Attach to process"
  3. "Memory View"
  4. Go to address. (Ctrl+G) -> "UnityPlayer.dll+(7 hex chars ¹)"
  5. Set Exception breakpoint
  6. When mhyprot2 is running, suspend_start cannot stop the application any more.
  7. Hope that the breakpoint works and check the backtrace

¹) The 7 digits correspond to the virtual memory offset, but with the first byte removed. 0x181234567 becomes 0x1234567


Use: Debug processes, disassebling and memory modifications


Currently does not work in Wine

Anti-anti-debug: (thanks to 0x90, POL thread)

  • Standard PEB check (IsDebuggerPresent() etc)
    • gs:[60]+2 = 0 (x64 BeingDebugged flag)
    • gs:[60]+bc = 0 (x64 mask 0x70 indicates debugging)
  • CheckRemoteDebuggerPresent
    • RDX = 0
    • RCX = 0
  • NtQueryInformationProcess -> RDX = 0x7 // RDX = 0x1e
  • NtClose -> RCX = 0xDEADCODE
  • NtSetInformationThread -> RDX = 0x11

Alternatively: ScyllaHide plugin

  • Even when attaching to a process using the plugin, it is still detected as a debugger. Solutions?

Alternatively: TitanHide (see Issue#7 for binaries)

  • I cannot get this to run. Maybe you can get better results.


Use: Capture all TCP/TLS data



  1. Run mitmdump -w output_file.mitm (regular user is okay)
  2. export {http,https,ftp}_proxy=""
    • Windows: Change the network adaptor settings to use your IP as proxy
  3. Run Genshin Impact
  4. Replay logs: mitmproxy -nr output_file.mitm


Use: Record network activities + UDP

This is pretty much useless now. On Windows the sysinternals "Process Monitor" is more helpful.


  • Use wired connection to packets from other wireless devices
  • Close other application for clean logs

Other attempts

Linux CLI


Wine 5.19, UnityPlayer 1.0.1:

=>0 0x000000007b638000 EntryPoint+0x3a0() in kernel32 (0x00000000050cfe58)
  1 0x00000001808637b8 EntryPoint+0xfeae9208() in unityplayer (0x00000000050cfe58)
  2 0x000000007b631e09 EntryPoint+0xffffffffffffffff() in kernel32 (0x00000000050cfe58)
  3 0x000000007bc4b5cf EntryPoint+0xffffffffffffffff() in ntdll (0x00000000050cfe58)
  4 0x000000007b601b66 EntryPoint+0xffffffffffffffff() in kernel32 (0x0000000000000000)
  5 0x000000007bc5e9b3 EntryPoint+0xffffffffffffffff() in ntdll (0x0000000000000000)
0x000000007b638000 EntryPoint+0x3a0 in kernel32: addb   (%rax),%al


Detected as debugger

gdb --args wine ...

Cannot debug due to SIGTRAP being spammed on purpose.

Process stalls when SIGTRAP is ignored:

handle SIGTRAP nostop
handle SIGTRAP noprint