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Game Status v2.0.0

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Game is playable!

Chinese variant: Not supported due to missing information, see Issue#22


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mhyprot2.sys is a kernel service which is and will not be supported by Wine. Problem: it's used as cheat detection.

Available solutions:

Project rules

  1. miHoYo reserves the right to distribute files. Please do not share any game data in public.
  2. For your own sake: Do not share this project in official channels.
    • Reduces the risk of this project to be taken down or used against our reverse-engineering efforts
    • Solution: Use indirect/redirect links and private messages
  3. Please do not abuse this project for cheating. We just want to play the game.

For project contributors: Beware that your log files may contain personal information, such as MAC addresses or login data.

Applying the workaround

See also: Full setup instructions

You will need Wine 5.3 or newer. DXVK is highly recommended.

Follow the script as instructed. Backups (.bak) are made automatically where needed.

# Download the repository (or use the download button)
git clone --depth 1

cd "/path/to/Genshin Impact Game"
bash "/path/to/GI-on-Linux/GAMEVER/"
# Fixes a crash when entering the door
bash "/path/to/GI-on-Linux/GAMEVER/"

# Please run "launcher.bat" to start the game
wine cmd /c launcher.bat

Undo: The patch can be reverted using in the same manner.


Please do not report any game issues to an official channel. Your options are:

Game updater & patch

Performance & visual tweaks


License: MIT