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Original research:

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List ordered by first contribution in the project.

User Krock (PlayOnLinux, NotABug)

  • Initial Ghidra experiments, self-declared project leader

User timbuntu (PlayOnLinux, NotABug)

  • First success on version 1.0.1
  • MITM logs

User geearf2 (Freenode IRC)

  • Providing game data from 25 Oct

User SeppNel (PlayOnLinux, NotABug)

  • Windows/Linux comparisons on the same system
  • Network and xLua logs
  • Hash information from a working system

User 0x90 (PlayOnLinux)

  • Research about in-memory modifications
  • x64dbg instructions

User Th1nkCh3ck (NotABug)

  • General information research

User humanik12 (unknowncheats)

  • Damn, you dude rock. I almost gave up, but you gave me the final hint and motivation.

User Makksim (NotABug)

  • Summary of the mhyprot2 service behaviour

User tiagop (NotABug, Email)

  • Information collecting about Wine projects

User Kowalski (NotABug)

  • .pdb symbols file

User WerWolv (Discord)

  • Assistance understanding the WinAPI and internals

Various (

  • General game information

User loentar (NotABug)

  • Game updater and patch script

User yagocl (NotABug)

  • Documentation improvements and new instructions