Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Fedja Beader 030a9f52bf Give USB storage devices priority over S?ATA ones. 6 months ago
  Fedja Beader 57b6b6f651 Add ahci1 (ultrabay SATA on T400) and similarly ata1 (presumably ultrabay on T60?) 6 months ago
  Leah Rowe 0dced9471f grub.cfg: add usb support for luks booting 1 year ago
  Leah Rowe af88afdba7 from this day forward, it's going to be only libreboot_grub.cfg first 1 year ago
  4 of 7 (Leah Rowe) 4b0752e1c2 re-add old build system (for x86 boards/utils) 1 year ago
  Paul Kocialkowski 3d08effb91 Current build system removal 2 years ago
  Leah Rowe 902927c2af grub.cfg: add specific menuentries for booting Debian text based installer 2 years ago
  Leah Rowe 8c28c913dd grub.cfg: s/supervisors/superusers 2 years ago
  Leah Rowe a37cbe2273 grub.cfg: unset supervisors (needed for some users, was in older lb releases) 2 years ago
  Leah Woods 4bbddefc11 grub.cfg: also search cd/dvd for ata 2-3 (for G41M) 2 years ago
  Leah Woods 75368c760d grub.cfg: also do ata devices for encryption (for ga-g41m-es2l) 2 years ago
  Leah Woods 2df038d5f1 grub.cfg: Also search on ATA devices (for GA-G41M-ES2L which uses IDE emu) 2 years ago
  Minifree Ltd ed306000fc grub.cfg: fix inconsistent device referencing in search isolinux function 2 years ago
  Francis Rowe 7b3449e35a grub.cfg: Don't check ahci1 in main menu 2 years ago
  Francis Rowe b7e798ce08 grub.cfg: remove repeated entry 2 years ago
  Francis Rowe b65623ca6f grub.cfg: fix broken for loop 2 years ago
  Francis Rowe 903fac5e65 grub.cfg: re-add last resort method to boot an installed distro 2 years ago
  Francis Rowe 278362ead5 grub.cfg: fix wrong notation for RAID volumes 2 years ago
  Francis Rowe 6cd26f562d grub.cfg: re-add searching for coreboot_grub.cfg 2 years ago
  Francis Rowe c0da4d71c3 grub.cfg: don't use wildcards for lvm searches. This is too slow. 2 years ago
  Klemens Nanni 35104a5a19 grub.cfg: merge changes from autoboot 2 years ago
  Francis Rowe aec9b977b3 fix missing trailing slash in grub.cfg 2 years ago
  Francis Rowe e692402f65 grub.cfg: also search for coreboot_grub.cfg and autoboot_grub.cfg 2 years ago
  Jookia ecf9b30ae7 grub.cfg: Search in lvm/matrix-root and lvm/matrix-boot. 2 years ago
  Albin Söderqvist 1de6fcf679 Fix the menu entry "Search for GRUB configuration" 2 years ago
  Francis Rowe 48e79bfae3 grub.cfg: fix remaining one-liner for loops 2 years ago
  Francis Rowe d2b9429a11 grub.cfg: get rid of 1-liners 2 years ago
  Francis Rowe 2f3959533b Revert "grub.cfg: remove option for isolinux parsing on CD/DVD" 2 years ago
  Francis Rowe 7fa8e4a5c3 grub.cfg: don't search for grub.cfg on RAID volumes 2 years ago
  Francis Rowe fedae71006 grub.cfg: 0 is not a valid index for usb0,X or ahci0,X 2 years ago