Commit History

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  Andrew Robbins b6e6d5eba4 Replaced '#!/bin/bash' w/ '#!/usr/bin/env bash' 3 years ago
  4 of 7 (Leah Rowe) 4b0752e1c2 re-add old build system (for x86 boards/utils) 3 years ago
  Paul Kocialkowski 3d08effb91 Current build system removal 3 years ago
  Leah Rowe ffc88c4561 Change Leah's surname back to Rowe 4 years ago
  Leah Woods 378e04e968 temporary hack (./download seabios): don't ask user if they want to delete dir 4 years ago
  Leah Woods f001988010 reassign Minifree Ltd copyrights back to Minifree director 4 years ago
  Minifree Ltd 7fa7cecda0 reassign copyright from Minifree director to Minifree Ltd 4 years ago
  Francis Rowe fd9368b2dd download script: simplify 5 years ago
  Francis Rowe 26c8db5f59 download script: standards compliance (don't parse ls) 5 years ago
  Francis Rowe d2656247bf download script: fix typo 5 years ago
  Francis Rowe 661faa994b Don't say programme. That's actually wrong. 5 years ago
  Francis Rowe cfe7f633cf download script: (emergency fix) use ls for now 5 years ago
  Francis Rowe b4d69f3f0b download script: more standards compliance fixes 5 years ago
  Francis Rowe be680422f0 download script: use printf, not echo 5 years ago
  Francis Rowe 6e5ef9793e download script: fix standards compliance issues 5 years ago
  Francis Rowe d6387a2f64 download script: fix typo in help text 5 years ago
  Francis Rowe 6974f807a4 download script: show help text if no argument is given 5 years ago
  Francis Rowe d63a420737 download script: add note about --noconfirm and -y options 5 years ago
  Francis Rowe 6763e8d21f download script: add --noconfirm and -y option for downloading 5 years ago
  Francis Rowe 67c8330aad download script: produce error if no argument given 5 years ago
  Francis Rowe 5609232858 download script: ask before replacing an already downloaded module 5 years ago
  Francis Rowe 434f8e0b03 download script: exit if using help/list option 5 years ago
  Francis Rowe ed8516c4d2 download: fix bug: valid programmes being declared invalid 5 years ago
  Francis Rowe 6107117473 download script: re-factor. only have 1 loop for downloading 5 years ago
  Francis Rowe cc40b7d62f download script: put ending characters on new line 5 years ago
  Klemens Nanni 7c25df4580 Fix: Download all passed modules 5 years ago
  Klemens Nanni 33c9e3dea8 download script: Don't download if argument is invalid 5 years ago
  Francis Rowe 2c392ffea9 download script: re-factor 5 years ago
  Francis Rowe c4b79d6baa download script: fix mistake in the last two commits 5 years ago
  Francis Rowe 0731a06215 download script: add a list option 5 years ago