Arch Linux Automatic Install Script

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ALAIS - Arch Linux Automatic Installation Script

I greet you!

This script is intended (as the name implies) to automatically install the Arch Linux distribution.

To get started:

  • Go to and download image of Arch Linux.
  • Write downloaded image on removable media.
  • Run from the installation image.
  • Start the network using iwctl or dhcpcd.

##How to start the Internet?:

For a cable connection, use dhcpcd (optional, since dhcpcd starts by default) Alternatively, use iwctl as to how - see the Arch Wiki.

##If you are a beginner, you can execute the following sequence of commands:

pacman -Sy networkmanager --noconfirm

systemctl start NetworkManager


Next, select 'Activate a connection' Choose a network, enter a password, then choose 'Back' and 'Quit'.

Next, install curl:

curl -OL

How to use:

For standard startup:

sh ./

The script will install on your computer a basic Arch Linux system along with xorg-server, xorg-drivers, and the kde-plasma desktop, as well as several packages to support a large number of archives.

Advanced using:

This script installs the system on the "/dev/sda" disk by default (in Linux, to see the device names use the command: lsblk), if your device name is fine, then use:

sh ./ -d or sh ./ --device

By default, the script sets the username - "archuser" and the password for it - "user", for root - the password "roor", most likely, such holy simplicity will not suit you, use the following key:

sh ./ -u "Desired username" -p "desired root password" "Desired user password"

All of the above keys can be combined, also, if you forget something, use the -h or --help key.

If you are not satisfied with the default configuration, download the script, then edit the script as you need by changing the variables at the beginning script.